Polish Sauerkraut and Apples Recipe

Polish Sauerkraut and Apples is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Polish Sauerkraut and Apples by following this easy recipe.
Polish Sauerkraut and Apples Recipe
Difficulty Easy
Recipe Type Non Veg.
Serves 4
  • 320 gm Sauerkraut
  • 455 gm Polish Sausage
  • 3 medium Tart Apples (peeled & cored)
  • ½ cup Brown Sugar
  • ½ tsp Caraway Seeds
  • Black Pepper to taste
  • ¾ cup Apple Juice
How to make Polish Sauerkraut and Apples:
  • Cut the apples into 8 pieces and slice the sausage into 2" pieces.
  • Pour ½ of the sauerkraut in a slow cooker. Put sausage & apples on the top and finally cover up with the remaining sauerkraut.
  • Take brown sugar, caraway seeds, pepper and mix well together. Then shake over this mixture equally and finish with pouring the apple juice.
  • Cook it covered for 4-5 hrs until apples are soft.
  • Serve it hot.