Tropical Sorbet Sandwiches Recipe

Tropical Sorbet Sandwiches are a fast and refreshing way to end an appetizing summer meal. Learn how to make/prepare Tropical Sorbet Sandwiches by following this easy recipe.
Tropical Sorbet Sandwiches Recipe
Difficulty Easy
Recipe Type Veg.
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Coconut Sorbet
  • Butter Wafer/ Gingersnap Cookies
How to make Tropical Sorbet Sandwiches:
  • Place a butter wafer cookie on a serving plate.
  • Scoop coconut sorbet on the wafer and line two wafers on top.
  • Place another scoop of raspberry sorbet on top and cover with two more butter wafers.
  • Finally, place a scoop of mango sorbet and cover with 1 butter wafer.
  • Slightly press to form sandwiches. Follow the process for making others.
  • Freeze until set and serve chilled.