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Information on traditional Reiki hand position used for healing and treatment.

Reiki Hand Position

The effectiveness of Reiki as a healing technique lies in its simplicity. In Reiki, treatment is conducted by placing the hands in different positions on the body. It is believed that Dr. Hayashi developed the standard hand positions and passed them on. However, it is also believed that Dr. Usui and Dr. Hayashi worked mostly with the head and used hand positions directly on problem areas. Traditional Reiki hand positions cover all important charkas and a few acupuncture points. Whole treatment may take about an hour and this kind of treatment has a good overall balancing effect on the person. You can use all the hand positions and conduct the treatment for the whole body or can use specific points while treating diseases. The entire process is usually relaxing and benefits both the patient and the practitioner. In the information to follow major aspects of the twelve different hand positions are dwelt on, for you to glance through and be familiar with the beneficial effects of directing Reiki through different points in the body.

Reiki Eye Position
The first hand position in Reiki is to cover up the eyes. You need to cover up the eyes with cupped hands. This Reiki position is quite relaxing and helps in sinking the energy back to your system. This hand position will cure all ailments related to eyes and will also help cure stress and frontal headache.

Temples Reiki Position
The second hand position in Reiki is called the temples hand position. In this position you need to place your hands to the temples and on the side of your head. This position is beneficial to treat joint problems, teeth related ailments and general headaches.

Occipital Region Reiki Position
This is for the occipital region on the back of your head. This hand position is used to treat neck problems, whiplash. It also helps relax your senses.

Throat Reiki Position
The fourth hand position in line while performing Reiki is for the throat. It is beneficial when dealing with tonsillitis, larynx, thyroid and sore throats.

The Reiki Heart Position
The heart hand position is quite nurturing and relaxing, since it brings peace to your mind. It works efficiently on organs like the thymus, the tip of the liver, diaphragm, spleen, stomach and lungs along with your heat.

The Solar Plexus Reiki Position
This hand position while conducting Reiki is beneficial to the spleen, stomach, gall bladder and liver. This position releases the physical and emotional substances present in the large intestine, thereby preventing constipation.

The Abdomen Reiki Position
The abdomen is the source of your energy. This hand position on the abdomen is to channel your energy to deal with ailments in your system. This hand position is quite comforting for the small bowel.

The Groin And Pelvic Area
This hand position utilizes the energy in the groin and pelvic area of your body to deal with issues related to reproduction. This position is also beneficial for organs such as the rectum, appendix, descending colon, prostate and bladder.

The Top Of Shoulder Reiki Position
This is a difficult hand position; however it is the best position to guide the energy down to the whole torso.

The Shoulder Blades
This hand position is quite effective to direct energy to heal colds, asthma, bronchitis, pleura, lungs related issues etc. The position is quite beneficial in healing any chest related problems too.

The Kidneys Position
This hand position directs your body energy to the kidneys, the energy batteries of your body. The hand position refreshes you by recharging the kidneys. It is also beneficial to deal with hip problems, sciatica, lower backache, etc.

The Tailbone Or Spine
This hand position in Reiki is useful when you feel unsettled, since it helps grounding your energy. Directing Reiki energy to this point reassures you and comforts you.

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