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Read for information on college admission procedures in China, eligibility criteria for admissions in China Universities and guidelines for foreign students into Chinese institutes.

College Admission Procedures In China

Before applying to any university for admission, it is essential to know about the rules and regulations of the country that it is located in. In several parts of the world, students apply during the last year of their high school. In the remaining universities, a time gap between the last course and the current one is acceptable. Certain independent organizations or government agencies have taken efforts to centralize the concept of standardized admission exams and also perform the processing of applicants. Thus, interested candidates may either apply through China's relevant agencies or directly to the concerned colleges. For foreign students of bilateral exchange projects, they can apply through the departments of their own countries. These establishments are in charge of sending students to China in the first half of the year. Following, are an eligibility criterion for admission into courses like MBA, Engineering, Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. programs.

Eligibility Criteria For Admissions In China Universities

Basic and General Criteria
While applying for admission into a corresponding university, ensure that your educational background and the age limit meet the requirements. These usually vary from program to program and are different with each university too.
  • Undergraduate programs: Applicants should have a senior high school diploma with a good academic performance. They must also be under 25.
  • Masters degree programs: A Bachelor's degree with a good academic background and below 35 years of age is required.
  • Doctoral degree: Applying candidates must possess a Masters degree that holds an excellent academic performance and under the age of 40.
Methods To Apply
  • Exchanges between Governments: on the basis of bilateral exchange agreements accepted by both the countries, candidates can apply directly.
  • Inter-college exchanges: Agreements made between colleges can be brought forward during these exchanges.
  • Recommendations by community: Through references made by foreign universities or colleges, educational organizations or friendship groups, the applications can be processed.
  • Individual applicants: Applications can either be sent by relevant agencies or directly to the universities in China.
Application Process
  • Admittance forms collect information about the student, such as grades, academic backgrounds, talents, hobbies and interests. It is necessary to specify why China was chosen for higher studies. Mark sheets and transcripts must also be attached.
  • Aspirants must carry recommendation letters by two teachers/professors with titles of or above 'associate professor' or higher positions, in case the student is applying for a Master's or Doctoral degree.
  • Almost always, students are judged in front of a selection panel where they are asked about current affairs of China and related topics. Points are given to the depth and content of the speech rather than the volume.
  • Apart from above, applicants who want to study on their own expenses should submit a consignee identification of matters in China and a certificate of economic guarantee. All documents and records should be either in English or Chinese or with the translated manuscript.
  • It usually takes 4-8 weeks for the university's admissions office to process the application. It is advisable to regularly login into the personal page on the website and check the status of the application. If the results are positive then it takes about 5-15 working days for the university to send in your admission letter and visa application form.
Guidelines For Foreign Students
  • For the admission of undergraduates into Arts, the selection will be competitive on the basis of degree certificates, medium stage C level certificates of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi-Chinese Proficiency Test) and performances held in the university test.
  • Admissions in the field of Science, Agriculture and Technology will in accordance with degree certificates, primary stage C level of the HSK result and corresponding admission tests of the college.
  • For postgraduate admissions, applicants have to possess Bachelor's degree certificates and transcripts, certificates of previous courses, recommendations of two highly qualified people and qualifications of the university's entrance tests.
  • Applicants for a doctoral degree must submit their Master's degree certificates, list of previous courses, two recommendation letters by associate professors or higher and a good passing grade in the examination set by the institution.
Hope this article has provided you with the relevant information about college/university admission programs in China.