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Read for information on student visa details, visa tips and requirements for international students going for study programs in China.

Student Visa Details For China

The education system and job opportunities in China are well-known all over the world. After the decision of the type of course and university short listing has been done, an enrollment procedure is mandatory. Interested institutions will then correspond back to the candidate by sending an admission notice along with the visa application form. All formalities can be completed here. Before processing these documents, originals need to be submitted to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. There are different types of visas depending on the period of stay. It is necessary to get familiar with the rules and regulations of the country and university of choice before the start of the program. Look below for an idea on visa tips and requirements for study programs in China.

Visa Tips For International Students Going For Study Programs In China

Basic Requirements
  • Applicants may register for a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. There is an option to download the application form on the official website.
  • After a careful completion of the application form, it can be sent via email or given in person to concerned authorities. This takes about 3 to 5 working days to process a single entry visa (of 30 days). If you want the visa urgently then there are options such as: Express Service (2-3 working days) (USD 20) and Rush Service for emergencies (1 working day) (USD 30).
Types of Visas

There are different visas available for international students entering China. They are:

X Visa: Issued to foreigners who come to China for education purposes, advanced studies or for 6 months of field work. The X Visa can only be used for 30 days after landing. Following this, the university or employer applies for a 'temporary residence permit' for the rest of the duration of the student's education.

F Visa: The purpose of this is the same, but the duration of it is less than 6 months. This student visa does not allot a 'work permit' in China but it can be negotiated with the university/employer to get an extension.

Visa Fees
The amount of fees collected for an X visa is the same as any other type. It is normally issues to foreign students by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. For instance, if a candidate is from the United States of America then the fees are approximately USD 140.

Visa Requirements For Students
  • original passport with 15 months validity and one page left blank for affixing the Chinese visa. In case these requirements are not met, renewing the passport is mandatory.
  • Completion of the visa application forms: V.2011A and V.2011B. It must be printed and signed. If submitting online then before clicking the button, a thorough run through must be done. The completed form is then saved. Instruction booklets are available for the same.
  • A recent passport photograph having a plain white or off-white background and 2”x2” in size.
  • A copy of the approved JW201 orJW202 issued by the State Education Ministry of China must be preserved.
  • The copy and original of the admission notice issued by the university.
  • The online visa service request form that contains the address and contact information is required.
Hope this article has provided you with the necessary student visa details for international students to pursue education in China.