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Study expenses and financial aid are required by international students in China. Know more about living costs and Chinese scholarships for study abroad students in China.

Study Expenses And Financial Aid In China

The Chinese Government encourages foreign students to pursue higher education owing to the growing culture and education system in China. During the period of their study, aspirants are ensured satisfaction of the course, good quality of academics and ample employment opportunities as well. China is reputed in supporting students financially by providing them with scholarships to meet their study expenses. Before enrolling with a program here, it is important to know about total costs that you need to incur. Scholarships, fellowships, grants, trusts and educational loans are some of the major methods of financial aid. Students need to make a concrete plan such that there are no financial issues during their stay. To learn more about study expenses for international students in China, look through the sections below.

Living Costs In China For International Students

Cost of Living
Based on your personal budget, the cost of living varies. It also depends on your lifestyle, currency fluctuations and personal needs. According to these conditions, you have to keep aside a certain portion of your income. There is also a provision to calculate the difference between cost of living in your country and that of China.

Exchange Rates
Majority of students create a financial budget by keeping in mind all possible expenses that they might come across. When you reach China, the exchange rates could be altered because of which you could face shortage of money.

Prior to your arrival in China, you can plan out your food expenses and lifestyle by limiting your choices and keeping within the budget. It is unnecessary to cut down on basic needs and spend on luxurious items! Converting currencies could help you judge the degree of expenditures that you need to make.

Study Expenses
These expenses depend on the type of program that you chose to pursue, tuition fee, transportation charges, on-site orientation and personal expenses.

Financial Aid
  • Fellowships and Grants: If planned well in advance then you may be eligible to get a financial loan or grant from the home university or even some Chinese universities. In order to encourage more students into higher studies abroad, the Government provides financial assistance to aspiring candidates through academic awards and fellowships. It is advisable to visit your selected college's official website to learn more about the applications.
  • Loan and Financial Aids: The loan scheme that you are given could either fully or partially cover your expenses. If it is directly associated with your home country, then you have a better chance of being completely compensated for. It is suggested that you consult financial loan advisors of the university to know more about the possible schemes available.
Application For Financial Aids
Almost every student who applies for a scholarship is eligible and receives some sort of financial assistance. First, fill in and submit the form of the FAFSA. Next, talk to individuals in charge of financial aid in your university

Chinese Scholarships For Study Abroad

The Great Wall Scholarship
Students eligible for this scholarship are recommended by UNESCo (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organization). They offer full time funding to students. Applicants can directly apply to UNESCo or its branches, found worldwide.

Distinguished Foreign Students Scholarship
Aspirants who have been consistent with their good academic performance and conduct are eligible for these set of grants. It is mandatory that they have completed one level of study in China and are seeking to pursue a higher level. Students can apply by recommendation from their university.

HSK Winner Scholarship Program
This fulltime scholarship mainly targets non-native Chinese Language candidates on account of their excellent performance in HSK test (Chinese Proficiency Test). Applications should be sent through the test holding unit or the Chinese Embassy.

Hope this article has helped organize your budget and ideas for a good and well-maintained academic future in China!