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If you are planning to study in Mexico, it is better to go through the details of Admission procedures. This article will help you to get acquainted with the admission procedures of colleges in Mexico.

College Admission Procedure in Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country and well known for its lifestyle and beach resort parties. The country is a renowned tourist destination and all-time favorite of historians because of its close association with ancient human culture. You might have thought of planning a wonderful vacation to the sandy beaches of Mexico but, how many of you have noticed that the country is well-known for its academic programs as well? This Latin American country receives a number of overseas students every year to become a part of its educational programs. But as in all other countries, the entry requirements for overseas students to the universities and colleges in Mexico are different from that of the Mexican Nationals.International students have to produce a number of documents and satisfy some other entry requirements which may vary from one college/ university to another. Like all other countries, Mexico as well demands some additional grades/ test score for the international students to prove their eligibility. The details of these requirements are given in the following section of this article. Though time taking, the admission procedures are not so complicated rather it is direct and transparent. Browse down to see more details on this!

Eligibility Criteria For Admission In Mexio Admissions In Mexico Universities


It is better to research on the basic essentialities to avoid confusions going forward. once if you are decided with the program you want to enroll, research on different universities offering the course. There may be some differences in the eligibility criteria, course curriculum, duration, fees tec. Select the one that suits you best. Also you can find out best scholarship offers to support financial requirements.

Admission procedure
Well, the admission procedure is different for different universities/colleges. Some depend on the GPA (Grade Point Average) and other academic excellence while some other institutes conduct entrance tests. Students from non- English speaking countries have to appear for standardized test like ToEFL mandatorily to gain admission to Mexican Universities. You can either mail the filled-in application form directly to the university office or else, do it online. University cross matches your profile with the eligibility criteria of the university. If it matches with your profile, you will get a conformation letter or tickets for the test (in case of entrance test). If you have appeared for the entrance test, results will be mailed to you. You can avail it online as well. The qualifications needed for each course depends upon the subject and level of course selected. However graduate aspirants should complete their secondary education and should have valid secondary school leaving certificate. Likewise, you should be a baccalaureate degree holder to apply for a post graduate program. Those who have completed Master's program/ baccalaureate program (or equivalent) can apply for Ph.D. The details of admission procedure will be given in the websites of concerned university.

Students are usually asked to register to the university after commencement of classes. University issues registration dates and students have to do it within the date. It is important because, you will not receive credit unless you register officially. Registration orientation will be conducted and the dates will be published in the university calendar.

English Proficiency
All international students from non-English-speaking countries should prove their proficiency in English by scoring in ToEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). You have to submit your ToEFL scores along with the application form or else you will not be able to get admission for higher studies in Mexico.

Documents Needed
International student aspirants should submit official results obtained from recognized institution along with the application. Certified proof of adequate finance to carry on the studies along with bank statement is mandatory. Passport, visa, insurance documents, and passport size photographs - all these are important. You will receive a list of essential documentation along with the conformation letter or else it can be accessed through the university website.

How To obtain Visa
Student visa can be obtained by filling up visa application form and submitting it along with
  • Admission conformation letter from the intended university
  • Front view photographs -6 numbers, profile photograph - 5 numbers
  • A bank statement that guarantees that you will receive at least $350 every month along with proof of financial resources (all certificates should be notarized)
  • Health certificate
Dropping Courses
Dropping a course within the course period also requires some procedures. You have to clear all financial aids before withdrawal. Withdrawal charges apply in case of dropping a course. You have to fill up the withdrawal form from the academic advisor or other concerned person to complete the withdrawal procedure.

Additional Notes
  • Students who plan to stay more than 6 months in Mexico should obtain student visa
  • Students are not allowed to work or involve in any other remunerative activities in Mexico.
  • All international students should report at the 'National Registry of Foreign Citizens' within 30 days of landing.
With all these information, it will be easy for you go through the admission procedures. Wish you a great time ahead.