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There are so many Master degree courses offered by Mexican Universities. Read on to learn more about post graduate courses in Mexico.

Master's Degree Programs in Mexico

Mastering a subject is a great thing and that's why Master's degree program is valued much. Master's degree is an academic degree often pursued by those student aspirants who are so passionate about gaining a high-order over-view about specific field or subject of interest. You can be done for an area of professional practice as well. Being a master implies that you have theoretical and applied knowledge of that specific subject and also that you are capable of solving complex problems with a critical analysis and evaluation of given problem/scenario. Mexican institutes care to provide standard education for its students and that is the reason for the consistent increase in the number of international students year after year. There are Master's degree coursers offered in several disciplines giving a large pool of courses for the aspirant to select from. Master degree is known asMaestria in Mexico.opportunity to pursue Masters from Mexico is not all about mastering the subject. It is also about gaining precious life experiences and enjoying life. If you are so passionate about exploring the depth of the subject, you can proceed for research program after finishing Master's. Learn more about the Master degree programs from this article.

Postgraduate Programs In Mexico

Basic Structure of Master's Degree Program

As per Mexican educational system, post graduate courses are divided into two categories.

Post graduate degrees for professional development: These degrees are targeted for professional development and can be of two different types:
  • A specialization diploma by doing a one year course after Bachelor's degree course or
  • A Maestria (post graduate degree) by doing 2 year Master's course after completing Bachelor's degree course
Post graduate degrees for scientific research: These post graduate courses are targeted to carry out scientific research in the desired field. This is of two different types:
  • Maestria en Ciencias or Master's in science is obtained by completing two year Master's course after Bachelor's degree
  • Doctorado en Ciencias is actually an integrated degree which is obtained by doing a 4 year course after completing Bachelor's Degree and is equivalent to Doctorate degree
Qualifications Needed
You should complete Bachelor's degree with a grade not less than 8 in a10 point scale in the concerned field before applying for Master's degree courses in Mexico. Foreign students need to prove their English language proficiency by obtaining IELTS, ToEFL etc.

Quality assurance
Quality of the courses is continuously evaluated and accredited by the National Council of science and Technology (CoNACyT). The accreditation process is done by evaluating the structure of the master's degree course, the academic personal, infrastructure, student profile and also services and results. Universities have self- assessment programs to evaluate their performance and quality. They are inspected externally by CoNACyT and hence the university courses undergo two-tier evaluation to ensure the quality of the program offered by them.

Fees And other Expenses
The basic fees vary according to the university/Institute selected. However, the public universities charge less than private universities. Total fees include tuition fees, student administrative charges, student council fees etc. other expenses include accommodation charges, transportation food and entertainment. Information about fees can be obtained from the university website. There are numerous options available for accommodation in Mexico. Furnished apartments and houses are available and the rent depends upon house and its location. Average rent is $500 - $600 per week. The best way to reduce accommodation charges is to live in share basis.

Financial Aid
The Mexican government offers scholarship schemes for the foreign students. You can avail scholarships by applying to the Ministry of education. Information about the scholarship and eligibility criteria is available at the education ministry website.Universities also offer scholarships for eligible students.The terms and conditions for the scholarships are available at the university website. Make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria before submitting the application.

When And How To Apply
Usually, university courses in Mexico start by mid-September but you need to check the university website for details for details on dates. You can apply directly to the intended university either by post or online. Details of required documents will be given in the website or else, you will receive it along with the letter of conformation.

Post Graduate courses are offered in all disciplines ranging from science, arts etc. to professional courses such as Management studies, Medicine etc. Courses offered and other details can be obtained from the university website.

Hope this article provided answers to your doubts regarding Post Graduation Courses in Mexico.