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Learn about the admission process in Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico including documents, entrance exam, student visa, medical insurance and student financial aid.

Admission in Universidad Nacional Mexico

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico has laid out an admission process which has to be followed to get admitted. The university has arranged for an advisory panel which assists the students in choosing the right subjects. It also offers financial assistance to the students coming from weak economic background.

Admission Process

Documents required from the off-shore students are the official academic transcripts for the past 3 years of study, two letters of recommendation, copy of the passport, two ID sized photographs and receipt of fee payment.

Entrance Exam
Students have to take their online entrance exam which should be before the deadline. Non-European students also have to arrange a personal interview with a delegate of the university.

Student Visa
After you have cleared the entrance exam, you have to arrange a student visa. To get the same, you have to visit the nearest Spanish consulate.

Validation of High School Studies
International students have to get their High School studies validated from the Spanish embassies or the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. This document has to be attached during the enrollment process.

Medical Insurance
For getting student visa for Mexico, one should have medical insurance.

The student has to personally appear in the admission office of the university with the following documents: Passport, 2 ID sized photographs, letter in which the university notifies the candidate of his admission, proof of the beginning of getting high school studies validated, and receipt for UNED, showing that the applicant paid to have his academic transcripts transferred from UNED to UNAM.

Advising Panel
The university has arranged for a team of specialists to help choose the right degree for you. You can get personalized academic advice. offshore students can contact the advisors on phone or male.

Student Financial Aid
Students having weak economic background but having desire to study in Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico can avail financial aid from the university. They can also get benefited from publicly available grants.