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Mexico offers quality PhD programs which are open for both national and international students. Learn more about the doctorate degree programs in Mexico from this article!

PhD Programs in Mexico

PhD, the doctor of philosophy is a post graduate degree awarded to those individuals who carry out research to explore the depths of a selected topic. The word philosophy is used in a broader sense here, denoting the concept "love of wisdom". These degrees are generally awarded by universities. Almost all the nations in the planet offer doctorate degree programs at their universities. Doctorate degree is the highest possible academic degree and hence it is valued much. You can apply for PhD programs after completing master's degree. In some countries it is offered as integrated course along with Master's program. Mexican universities offer PhD programs in various fields and the doors are open to international students as well. The PhD programs, like all other educational programs, are supported by the Mexican Ministry of Education. The courses are carried out through private and public universities. PhD programs are designed in such a way that the scholar has to study about all aspect of the selected subject to derive new facts or to modify existing ones. Yes, it is really a tough and time consuming process. Know more facts about the PhD programs in Mexico through this article!

Doctorate Degree In Mexico

Basic Structure of Research Programs

The higher education system in Mexico follows US model - Bachelor's degree with course a duration of 4 years, Post Graduate degree with a course duration of 2 years and a Doctorate degree with 3 years of course duration. There are two different pathways to get a Doctorate degree. Either you can go for a three year Doctorate degree course after completing a post graduate degree or completing an integrated course with 4 year course after finishing Bachelor's degree. Generally your course is evaluated on the basis of the dissertation or thesis that contains all the particulars of your research. After submitting the thesis, you will have to attend an oral examination or viva conducted by the advisory committee, if you answer their questions satisfactorily, you will be awarded a PhD degree. Research requires lot of effort, time and money.

Qualification Needed
The basic qualification to register for a research program/ Doctorate degree is a Master's degree in the concerned subject with an average of 8 in a 10 point scale. International students from Non-English Speaking Countries should have valid IELTS or ToEFL scores. Research students should have thorough knowledge about the basic concepts of the subject selected. Ability to identify a research problem is very important. Critical thinking and reasoning abilities are equally important to carry out research.

Research is generally expensive. Apart from the university expenses, you need to fund your accommodation, food and general living as well. There are numerous options like flats, houses, hostels paying guests etc. for accommodation and it is available at an average of $500- $600 per week.

Financial Aid
Financial aids are of great help to carry out research programs. Mexican government and universities allot scholarships and other aids for research students. But, you need to have strong academic backdrop and also meet some eligibility criteria to gain these supports. Universities strongly recommend a grade of minimum 8 points for Master's degree at a 10 point scale, to grant scholarship. The expenses covered under scholarship varies according to the type of scholarship and organization which grand it. Some scholarships do not cover air tickets and scholar fees.

Documents Needed
  • Master's degree score cards
  • Course completion certificate
  • IELTS/ToEFL score cards (For international students). Some universities allow you to take online English test if you don't have ToEFL/IELTS scores.
  • Student visa
  • Insurance Documents
  • Curriculum Vitae
Admission Procedure
Applications are accepted at the university office. Filled in application forms can be submitted either through post or online. University will respond to you if the information furnished matches the selection criteria. You may have to give test/interview. If you pass the test/interview, university will issue an acceptance letter.

Hope this article helped you to learn about the PhD programs in Mexico. The list of courses offered will be available in the internet.