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Student visa is an important document. This article is written on student visa details for Mexico. Read on to know more about how to get a student visa for Mexico.

Student Visa Details for Mexico

Almost all countries welcome foreign students who seek admission in their educational institution. Increase in the student immigration implies the better quality of education provided by the institutes of the country. The admission procedure for international students at Mexican universities is simple and transparent. There are certain documentations which are very important for the admission procedures. Documentations required for admission can vary from one institute to another but, some documents like passport and visa are invariably important. Visa is a document that grants permission to a person to enter into the territory of a country. Student visa is permission document for a student to pursue education from any of the institutes in the country. Student visas are generally issued for those students who are enrolled in courses which take more than 6 months to complete. Students enrolled in programs that have duration of 6 months or less can enter Mexico with a tourist card instead of student visa. Tourist cards should be signed and stamped by the immigration department. This article provides you with requirements and procedures to obtain a student visa to Mexico.

Procedures And Requirements To Get Student Visa Foe Mexico

Documents Required
  • Duly filled Visa Application –You should submit a student visa application form dully filled along with some documents (mentioned below). The visa is issued by the embassy or consulate.
  • Valid Passport –You should have valid passport while applying for student visa i.e. it should not be an expired one. original passport should be submitted along with a copy.
  • Letter of conformation –You should have a letter of conformation issued by the university/ institute where you are admitted. If the letter is sent as a soft copy, take a printout and submit it along with the application.
  • Passport size photographs – You have to submit six front view photographs and five profile photograph (all colour photographs) along with the visa application.
  • Financial solvency letter – You should prove that you have sufficient finance to support your studies in Mexico. For this you should submit a notarized letter from parents or a letter issued by bank authority to ensure that you will receive an amount equal to 300 USD. If you are recipient of any scholarship, you should produce the related documents as well.
  • Heath certificate – to prove that you are free from contagious diseases and have good health
  • If you are an exchange student, should submit letter of support from the Mexican family with whom you are planning to live.
Time requirement
Time required to issue student visa depends on your nationality. It may take 2 days to 3 weeks to issue a student visa. If you have not received your visa even after 3 weeks you should enquire at the consulate.

Cost of Visa
Cost of visa depends on your nationality. It may cost approximately $ 17 - $30

Student visa is valid for one year. You need to renew your visa after one year. Tourist visa cards are valid only up to 6 months.

How And When To Apply
Student visa application is accepted at Mexican consulate between 8am and 12 noon on any weekday (Monday - Friday). Application should be made in Person. You have to renew your visa after one year. Ensure that you stick on to the guidelines provided by the Mexican embassy.

These are the procedures to get student visa from Mexican consulate. Log on to the official website of Mexican consulate for more details.