Study Abroad
Find out information about admission in Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico including academic exchanges, continuance of education, visiting students and financial aid.

Admission in Universidad Iberoamericana

Committee on Admission, set up by the university, would examine every application for admission in Universidad Iberoamericana. Applicants would be notified about their status of evaluation after the process. Students applying for admission to UNI must fulfill all requirements set by the university.

Academic Exchanges
Universidad Iberoamericana has Exchange Agreements with universities in several countries. Students from any of these universities are received by UIA as an exchange student. The tution fee will have to be paid at the home institution which also authorizes and accepts the credits the student earns at UIA. Contact the International Division of your home institution for the details.

Documents Required by Foreign Students
  • Duly filled admission form
  • Bachelor Certificate (legalized by Dominican Consulate in the country of origin and validated by the State Secretariat for education)
  • Birth certificate (legalized by the Dominican Consulate in the country of origin)
  • Medical certificates
  • Four passport sized photographs
  • Two official transcripts of the institutions where the students have been pursuing their studies, shipped directly from institution to institution.
Continuance of Education
Continuance of education in UIA workshops promotes and updates knowledge employing various educational methodologies. Studies in this form require one to ten days of training. Seminars and modules are also organized, aiming for systematic training in particular disciplines. Modules carry minimum 45 hours of instruction.

Visiting Students
UIA welcomes people from non-affiliated universities as visiting students. Documentation needed in this case are:
  • Application form
  • Letter of nomination
  • University transcript
  • Spanish proficiency
  • Notarized copy of undergraduate diploma
  • Medical exam
  • Notarized copy of passport
  • Medical insurance
Aid Department of Finance and Credit educators provides financial aid to foreign students in UIA. Documents needed to avail of this facility are Loan Master Promissory Note, Student Aid Report (SAR of the year in question), Copy of the Social Security card (if a US citizen), Financial Aid Information Form, and Entrance / Exit Interview form. The amount would be received directly by the College. Amount remaining after payment of tution fee would be delivered to the student in a check. Each loan is for two semesters of eight months. The funds would be received in two disbursements, one each semester. After receiving the second disbursement of loan, application for next loan must be filed.