Study Abroad
Know about the facilities offered by the Universidad Estado de Puebla or UPAEP Mexico including lodging, healthcare, sports and library.

Universidad Estado de Puebla Facilities

Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla has arranged good accommodation, healthcare, dining and sports facilities for its students. Voluntary organizations of students take part in social activities. Extracurricular activities are also organized, recognizing their role in promoting all-round development of the personality. Students are issued a student card at the time of the joining, which enables them to enjoy all the facilities provided by the university.

The university assists students in getting good accommodation for themselves. Information is provided to the students regarding residence halls, private renting or flats to share. Students wanting cheaper accommodation could opt to live with senior citizens or take care of people with special needs. This would help them in getting cheaper rooms.

University of Puebla runs programmes to promote health in its students. Information is provided to the students regarding physicians and specialists working in the locality. Initial healthcare is provided in case of any emergency.

Food & Snacks
Cafeteria and canteen services are available in University campus. one can have meals and snacks in these places.

Universidad Puebla takes care for promoting sports within student community. It offers sport facilities such as fitness centre, athletics track, multi-purpose rooms, tennis courts, football pitch, and gym facilities. Students are encouraged to take part in various sports competitions, including inter-university tournaments.

Extracurricular Activities & Social Activities
Extracurricular activities help in the overall development of the students and Universidad Puebla recognizes it. Number of activities is organized, ranging from cultural activities to volunteer programs. Excursions are organized on regular basis. Students make voluntary associations to participate in social activities.

Library & Computer Lab
Library of the university has large numbers of books on variety of subjects. Students can study these books while sitting in the large reading halls or they can get these books issued. Computer labs are also available for the students.