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Get informed about admission in Universidad Veracruzana. Know the process of online registration and method of payments.

Universidad Veracruzana Admission

For enrolment and credits, the students have to provide proof of having successfully completed pre-university studies. They also have to fulfill course requirements including mid-term and final evaluations.

online Registration
Registration can be done online in Universidad Veracruzana. The students have to first fill the online application form. After the submission, you would be given a login ID and password. Second step would be answering the placement test. After you have successfully taken the placement test, you will select the courses/programs.

For enrolment in the university, one has to appear in the admission office of the university with the following documents.
  • A copy of passport
  • A copy of tourist visa, if stay is shorter than two months. If the stay is longer than two months, you have to appear with a copy of student visa.
  • Certification of good health.
  • Three passport sized photographs
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Latest transcript from your University, if you require credits.
  • Homestay Program application form (if applicable), ( Part I and Part II )
  • Cultural Immersion Program application form (if applicable), ( Part I and Part II )
  • Proof of sufficient funding (except for Intensive Summer Session and Special Programs)
After you are done with all the formalities of admission, you would be provided an acceptance letter of admission.

If you do not acquire a student visa within two months after classes have started at the university, you will not be allowed to take classes.

Credit for Practical Programs
If you require credit for a practical Program, you must include certified copy of transcript and letter of recommendation signed by advisor or a school authority in the home institution.

Note that only cashier's checks, traveler´s checks or deposits to account are accepted. Checks must be payable to:

Escuela para Estudiantes Extranjeros, Universidad Veracruzana