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Here is information about facilities in Universidad Veracruzana including lodging, food, insurance, library, sports etc.

Universidad Veracruzana Facilities

After getting enrolled in Universidad Veracruzana, students are issued a university identification card that entitles them to all the facilities provided by the university to its students. Support is given to the students for study, extracurricular activities, lodging, health services, medical attention, etc. Here is brief account of the facilities provided by the university to its students.

Universidad Veracruzana does not have student quarters. However, the Coordination of Services to Foreign Students operates the Homestay Program. You would be assisted to get a full board, or to rent a room. Information is provided to students who look for other types of accommodation, like boarding houses, hotels and apartments.

When living with a Mexican host family, your meals would be arranged by your hostess. When in the university premises, you can eat or have refreshments in the cafeteria.

Travelling from Mexico City to Xalapa
While coming from Mexico City to Xalapa, buy the ticket for the registered taxis inside the airport building. Do not take taxis in the street. Don't take help from anyone who is not a staff member.

Insurance & Medical Attention
Universidad Veracruzana provides general medical services to students for a modest fee. A directory of general practitioners and specialists is kept. Support is extended for arranging appointment with the medical professionals. However, hospitalization, medical tests and medicines are not included in fee. If you are under medical treatment, ensure that you bring enough medicine with you for the time of your stay.

Library Services and Computer Centers
Libraries and Computer Centers are available in different colleges and institutes of the university.

The university has an olympic swimming pool and a well-equipped gymnasium. Facilities are available for playing sports like basketball, football, volleyball, karate, tae-kwon-do, and aerobics.

International student are advised on diverse matters like Services, Information, Student Mobility, Academic, Communication and Administration.

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular activities such as Art and Folklore Workshops and Cultural trips are organised. Workshops on subjects like Mexican cooking, music, and Mexican folk dancing are entertaining.

Xalapa is in general a safe place as long as you avoid imprudent behaviour, like going out alone to unknown places at odd hours. When you are new to city, go out at late night (if need be) with friends or host family. They could also suggest you about the neighborhoods you should avoid.