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Know more about Master of Business Administration (MBA) from United Kingdom and the top universities for an MBA in the UK.

MBA Programs In UK

United Kingdom is one of the hottest destinations that can give your career an international edge, an incomparable charisma and above all, a learning quality. Along with oxford and Cambridge universities, the UK has other top institutes for MBA programs. London is a popular place for pursuing a Master's in Business Administration as it is the hub of finance and banking organizations. The London Business School is considered a pioneer in the field of business studies and other parts of this country provide students with great opportunities for jobs. The time period of an MBA program in the UK is around one year whereas in other countries such as Canada and U.S.A., the course comprises of two years, thus adding benefits to all students. Apart from this, after completion of an MBA program in the UK, there are outstanding job opportunities available. Read this article and learn more about the details of pursuing an MBA in the UK.


You need to possess these documents, before enrolling for a program:
  • Application form.
  • Payment of an application fee.
  • MBA application essay.
  • Two letters of reference.
  • Academic qualification documents.
  • official GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) Grade Card
  • For the candidates whose mother tongue is not English, ToEFL or IELTS Cambridge Proficiency scores are required.
  • In some business schools, work experience of 2-3 years is required. In the Association of MBAs (AMBA) that accredits the course, work experience of 3 years is mandatory. This organization is based in London and its certification of MBA is widely accepted.
  • If you are not the citizen of the UK then you may have to apply for a student visa into this country.
Scholarships, Rewards And Loans
  • Various business schools provide students with education expenses that cover their complete fee or a specific part of it. Most courses give scholarships and rewards to local and international candidates applying for an MBA. Some colleges have initiated special funding schemes for a particular group like MBA scholarships for women, for engineers or for students belonging to underdeveloped countries. A few of them are: Durham Business School (The Durham MBA Independent Newspaper Scholarships), Westminster Business School WBS (Westminster Business School (WBS) Scholarships), Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the United Kingdom (CSC Distance Learning Scholarships), etc.
  • There are various organizations including charities and other interest groups that offer scholarships and compensations for the completion of an MBA program. Besides this, there are banks which give loans for continuing further studies and these are repayable over a longer duration of time.
Full-time MBA Programs
Here is the list of the top five business schools in the UK specializing in Business Administration and General Management.

Durham Business School, Durham University: This establishment is ranked 14th in the world and 2nd in the UK for MBA programs. A full-time MBA course here offers students various opportunities for enhancing their academic skills, core competencies and other behavioral skills, important for working in an organization. The university offers a one-year program starting mid-September, along with induction classes to familiarize with the program, teachers and others.

London Business School, University of London: This school is ranked 1st on the global ranking by the Financial Times and is considered the top school in the UK. The course can be completed within 15 to 21 months. Candidates from all around the world travel to London to study in this Business School.

Ashridge Business School, Berkhamsted: This is rated as one of the top business schools in the world and the UK. Ashridge offers theoretical teaching along with practical assignments that are essential for an MBA.

Westminster Business School, University of Westminster: WBS is probably one of the leading business schools in UK, as well as the world. The MBA program is especially made for candidates who desire acceleration in their career. The main objective of this school is to design a business atmosphere and the required segments of management.

The School of Management, University of Bath: This business school is one of the oldest and most prominent in the world. Research is dependent on issue-based, multi-disciplinary groups and other industry funded training centers with assignments and theoretical classes.

Part-Time MBA Programs
  • Westminster Business School, University of Westminster
  • The DBS & EBS Executive MBA, Durham University
  • The School of Management, University of Bath
  • Birmingham City Business School, Birmingham City University
  • Brighton Business School, University of Brighton
Executive MBA Programs
  • Durham Business School, Durham University
  • Chicago GSB, University of Chicago
  • Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • Ashcroft International Business School (AIBS), Anglia Ruskin University
  • The Isle of Man International Business School, Douglas
Distance Learning MBA Programs
  • The School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London (International Management)
  • Henley Business School, University of Reading (Project Management)
  • Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester (For Engineering Business Managers)
  • The open University oU Business School, open University
  • Northampton Business School, The University of Northampton
In this article, details of MBA programs are mentioned. Hope this helps you pursue a course in MBA!