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Postgraduate programs and Master's Degrees from United Kingdom are undoubtedly one of the best in the world. Read ahead for an idea on Postgraduate Diplomas and Doctoral programs in Britain.

Postgraduate Programs In UK

United Kingdom is one of the most desirable places for pursuing higher studies since it brings various career opportunities, learning about a new culture and its cuisine. For pursuing postgraduate programs in the UK, you can choose from the top universities that offer both educational and professional openings. Master's degree includes analytical skills, better understanding of a subject and complete knowledge of current trends and issues. There are three different types of Masters programs namely, MA Degree for arts, humanities and social sciences, an MSc. Degree awarded for science, mathematics or technology-based subjects and an MBA program or Masters of Business Administration for specialists in business, management and administration. others include, M.Ed. given for educational programs. Read the article to learn more about the details of postgraduate courses in Britain.

Masters Degree From United Kingdom

Program Duration
The time duration of a fulltime Master's Degree program in the United Kingdom is 1 to 2 years whereas Ph.D. programs could take up to 3 years. For pursuing a post-graduation in a particular subject, you have to spend two thirds of the course researching a topic and then preparing the dissertation, based on your findings. This is done so that students can gain experience.

A Bachelor's Degree in the UK is equivalent to that of India, for example B.Com, B.A. and B.Sc. But if you have an Honors Degree then some universities in the UK may ask for a qualification of 16 years of formal education.

Documents Required
  • Application form.
  • official transcripts of academic qualifications.
  • Record of extracurricular activities.
  • IELTS scores for English Language skills.
  • GMAT score card, if opting for management programs.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with information such as personal details, work experience and achievements.
  • Reference letter.
  • Statement of purpose that contains a brief about your career interests.
Financial Aid
There are various universities and organizations that offer scholarships and rewards for pursuing Master's Degree programs. Some of them are: Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Cambridge overseas Trust, University of Essex, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, Staffordshire University, University of York, and the University of Warwick.

Fee Structure
In most universities, the fee charged covers tuition fee and the use of services like the library and the IT network. The fee structure of various programs depends upon location of the university and the course chosen. For instance, a science-based course is much more expensive as it includes practical and theoretical classes whereas for an art subject, it is lesser. Every year, universities have the freedom of deciding the fees with recommendations from the Government.

Top Universities for Postgraduate Programs
Here are some of the top universities in the UK which offer postgraduate programs:

Liverpool Hope University
This establishment is one of the best universities in United Kingdom providing value for money and programs such as MA in Marketing, MSc in Computing and Distributed Systems, MBA in Marketing etc.
Middlesex University, London
This is one of the largest universities in Britain and is also ranked amongst the top 20 by 'The Guardian'. Popular areas of study here are MSc in Computer Networking, Business Information Technology and MA in Human Resources Management.

University of Central England
University of Central England is said to be amongst the largest universities in the UK with 9 campuses and more than 25,000 students. It offers career direction and several employment opportunities. Some of the disciplines offered here are: MSc in Finance, HRM, Automotive Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Software Technology, etc.

University of Central Lancashire
This university provides students with more than 180 postgraduate courses such as in Business, Fine Art, Construction Management, Computing, Ecommerce, Graphic Design, Animation, Image Processing, Law, Journalism, Hospitality Management, Psychology, Social Work, Sports Management etc.

Northumbria University
It was nominated as the best modern university of Britain and has very high quality ratings. Some of the famous programs are MSc in Automotive Systems Engineering, Advanced Methods in Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil Engineering and also in Chemistry, Physics, Business, Finance Programs.

Postgraduate programs in the UK help students frame their future and assist them in deciding which career path they should take.