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Under graduate programs and bachelors degree from the United Kingdom (UK) is a prestigious certification. Read this article to learn about undergraduate study programs in Britain.

Under Graduate Programs In UK

There are various reasons for pursuing an undergraduate course in the UK, amongst which the wide range of subject selection is a priority. There are disciplines such as art and design, humanities, science and technology, computing and business, etc. There are many universities and colleges which offer undergraduate courses all over the country. If you have a higher education degree in Britain then you can specialize in your area of interest - academics or research. During the time of the program, there are certain core topics, which are mandatory. Besides this, lectures, seminars and discussion groups play a major role in the course modules. If you want to pursue a technology-based subject then laboratory work and projects are required in the development of technical skills. Moreover, an undergraduate degree from United Kingdom provides an excellent opportunity for future jobs. Go through the sections below to learn more about Bachelor's Degree programs.

Bachelors Degree from United Kingdom
The time duration of these programs vary depending upon the type of program you select. A Higher National Certificate program is of one year while Higher National Diploma, Foundation degrees and Diploma of Higher Education comprises of two years each and sometimes, three with work experience. A Bachelor's degree is typically of three or four years.

International (Indian) students with excellent marks in CBSE or ICSE exams or are in their first year of the Indian graduate degree program have a good chance of getting admission into top universities and colleges in the UK. Some students may not possess these academic degrees and they are expected to accomplish a foundation course before enrolling.

Documents Required
  • Academic qualification records (if these are not in English then it needs to be translated).
  • Letter of reference.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Standardized test grades (to prove proficiency in English)
Undergraduate Study Programs in Britain

The following are the various types of undergraduate programs in the United Kingdom:

Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma: These courses are equal to the first phase of a degree and are available in various fields such as Art and Design, Communications, Sports Studies, Engineering, Music Technology, etc.

Foundation Degree: This degree can be used as a basic course and also for making a career in a particular field. Some of the subjects you can choose from are: Hospitality Management, Media, Art and Design, Engineering, etc.

Diplomas of Higher Education: This program is generally linked with areas of social sciences such as Theology, Communication Studies, Education and Social Work. It is the best option for students who are aspiring towards higher education.

Bachelor's Degrees: These are the most common and popular undergraduate qualifications in the United Kingdom. They are made up of three years of study - both theoretical and practical (based on the course). Various universities offer degree programs in subjects such as Arts, Sciences, Business & Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences, Communications, Architecture, Accounting, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Media Studies, Public Relations, Tourism, etc.

A wide range of undergraduate programs in the UK offer you the freedom to select a subject that you want to study. For detailed information on undergraduate programs, look through the university website.