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Truth be told, the most important GRE preparation tip would be hard work and practise! Read this article to learn about the tips and techniques to maximise your GRE score.

GRE Preparation

The final frontier towards your dream admission in a prestigious graduate program in the U.S. or Canada is the Graduate Record Examination or GRE. You have probably worked hard at attaining good grades throughout school, so don't let the last hurdle hamper your chances of getting into the best universities. Here are some tips that can help you in getting a dream score that you have aspired for and most definitely, deserve! A good and thorough preparation will give you the required confidence and allow you to keep your cool during the exam. This graduate exam tests your nerves more than anything else. Therefore, the success formula is to remain calm during those 3 odd hours and give it your best shot. Solve the questions as efficiently as you can by utilizing time very carefully. Preparation time varies from person to person. Read the following section to find out more.

GRE Test Preparation

Tips And Techniques to Maximise your GRE Score
  • Know your current skill level and determine your goals. Be realistic and plan out a time table based on the time and your strengths and weaknesses. This must be worked according to the target score which you have to achieve in order to get admission into the university.
  • Determining your learning style will help you decide your study plan better. Whether you like to spend a fixed amount of time everyday or whether you like to combine study notes with a friend is entirely dependent on you.
  • Make sure that you have enough GRE study material. If your idea is to revise for 3 months then make sure that you are fully equipped with all the information.
  • Always begin by preparing for the verbal section as it takes a lot of time. There is no substitute for hard work! Be smart and make 'word groups'. Also, maintain a notebook and write down similar meaning words. Find out from your peers and implement other techniques that you can adopt.
  • Quant needs practice therefore conduct minor exercises and gradually move on to actual GRE test papers. Devote one hour a day on mathematical exercises. This consists of memorising the necessary formulas.
  • Giving mock GRE tests is the key to perfection. Do it exactly how it should be done so that nothing can surprise you on the main day. Moreover, the online testing software is quite accurate in the scoring section. This way, you can easily gauge performance levels.
  • Time management! If you have four months before the GRE then spending 3 hours during the weekdays and 4 hours in the weekends is a good target to set for yourself. Needless to say, dedication and motivation is absolutely essential to better your GRE score. But if you have less than 2 months for the GRE exam then 5 hours per day is the minimum time you need to allocate for the preparation.
  • Takes notes to track your performance. Make some extra time to focus on your weaknesses and try to overcome them. After attempting any of the GRE practice tests, remember to correct your mistakes before proceeding forward. This way you can learn well and not repeat the same.
  • You need to have self-discipline to follow the plan and that what differentiates from people who just have dreams and those who translate them into reality.
  • There is difference between hard work and smart work! Smart work includes hard work, the right study plan and keeping track of your skill levels. For example, use a flash card technique to remember new words and tricky formulae.
Hope the tips above prove useful to you. All the very best!