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LSAT Score

For a law student, an LSAT score is vital to get into any ABA approved law schools. Even if a candidate has an excellent undergraduate GPA score, an LSAT score is crucial to get into a decent law school. The LSAT score is determined based on the number of questions answered correctly. There is no deduction or negative marking for incorrect or wrong answers. The raw score is converted to an LSAT scale of 120 to 180, the lowest possible score being 120 and highest possible score being 180. This scale is determined by a statistical method of computing known as equating. Prior to 1991, the scale was from 10 to 48 and had also stretched from 200 to 800. Unlike SAT, LSAT scoring does not highlight the candidate's percentile. The adjusted LSAT score resembles a bell curve, congregating at the median and tapering off at the extremes. Candidates should remember that it is not essential to answer every question correctly. one can give two or three wrong answers and can still score 180. About 15-17 correct answers will score you 120 and after that every 3 correct answers will increase your score by 2 points.

Good LSAT Score

Cancellation of LSAT Scores
There are two possible ways for a candidate to cancel his/her LSAT scores. Either the candidate can cancel the score in the answer sheet on the day of the test or the candidate can send a written cancellation request to LSAC within six calendar days of the test. LSAC also holds the right to cancel or withhold the score if there is any discrepancy regarding the validity of the score.

Things To Remember Before Cancelling LSAT Score
  • You won't get a refund.
  • You will never get to know who much you scored.
  • You will only have six calendar days after the test to send a written application and a request to cancel you score.
Your Score Report Confidentiality
LSAC maintains a high level of confidentiality and thus scores are only sent through email and postal mail to the respective candidates. Scores are only sent to the candidates and to the respective law schools to which they have applied. Scores are not released to any friends or relatives, neither are they faxed. Candidates who already have an LSAT e-mail account can receive their LSAT scores directly via their emails three weeks after taking the test.

What is A Good LSAT Score?
Your LSAT score can range anywhere from a low 120 to a high 180. Although it is estimated that an average LSAT score is 150, a candidate has to a little better than this to get into one of the top 15 law schools in the country.

Quick Facts About LSAT Score
  • only the multiple choice sections count.
  • The writing section does not count for marks.
  • Most of the top law schools usually average a candidate's LSAT scores if he/she makes multiple attempts.
  • No marks are deducted for incorrect or blank answers.
How Important Is A LSAT Score?
The LSAT is used as a standardized measure for admission in law schools as it is the only across the board numerical indicator that law schools use when comparing applicants for the admission procedure. The LSAT scores help the law schools to evaluate candidates more logically as the test challenges candidates a lot more than they would like to be challenged. Thus, when it comes to law school admission, the LSAT scores play a critical role in the selection procedure. Certain law schools even give LSAT scores more importance than undergraduate GPA scores. So, if you have a low GPA score in your school, you still stand a fair chance to qualify to your dream law school by preparing well for the LSAT examination. A good GPA (Graded Point Average) and a good LSAT score are required for admission in some schools. Some schools weigh LSAT and GPA in the ratio 70:30 or 75:25 for admission. The other admission factors like references and application essays also count in some schools. The application essays are not necessarily reflective of the academic ability and personality of the aspirant. Many admission consulting programs help students in writing essays. In addition, admissions departments do not have enough staff to read all the application essays. If your LSAT score and GPA are far below the norm, your application essay may never even be read. LSAT is a test that can give you definite success and you can increase your score by 20 or 30 percentile, if you learn the ideal approach and devote ample time during preparation.