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Preparing for the SAT test is a must if you are looking to pass in the same. This article is all about tips on preparing for the SAT test.

SAT Preparation

The United States of America is a dream destination for student aspirants all over the world. However, getting admitted to universities in USA is not as easy as you think or want it to be. To be eligible to study there, you need to pass the standardized test conducted by the not-for-profit group, the College Board. It is mandatory that a student should pass the SAT test to become eligible to pursue any course in USA. The test is divided into two parts - SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject Test. The 'Reasoning Test' is designed to check the general writing skills and grammar of the candidate while the 'Subject Test' is designed to check the awareness on the subject selected. The test is conducted globally and hence you need to compete with candidates all over the world. This will only mean that you will need to prepare adequately to pass the examination. There are a number of SAT orientation programs offered by various organizations. These orientations are very important to avoid common test day mistakes and get a high score in examinations. Remember, this is the first step towards a bright future. Read on!

SAT Test preparation

Do This While Preparing For The Test
  • There is no shortcut for learning a language. The best way to learn English is to read and read more. This will introduce you to a new realm of words. Use a dictionary while reading.
  • Get to know new words – learn a new word every day. Try to learn its meaning, synonyms and antonyms. This will be good enough to take you through the vocabulary part of the test.
  • You may be aware that SAT has a writing section as well. The best way to improve writing skills is to practice writing every day. Practice writing for 25-30 minutes daily, 5-6 days a week, putting in effort to push your skills to the next level.
  • Practicing crossword puzzles are the best ways of learning new words and their meanings. This will also help you to know the context behind the usage of the word.
  • Read a newspaper. This is an excellent exercise with multiple benefits. It will increase your language skills as well as general knowledge. You can also practice writing on topics in the newspaper.
  • Workout logical puzzles. Such puzzles are available at book shops supermarkets etc. This will help you to boost your logical skills.
  • Avail previous year question papers and practice mock tests daily. Stay within time limits using a clock or stopwatch to check for time. This method is effective and will help you develop time management skills, identify where you stand and also help you identify your mistakes as well. Correct these mistakes and nothing can stop you from getting the better of SAT.
  • Many websites provide you with sample question papers for SAT. Attend these online tests. This will introduce you to a maximum number of questions and this in turn will increase your confidence.
  • Practice daily to improve your quantitative aptitude. Practicing techniques like one line addition, one line multiplication, etc. will increase your speed and precision.
Do This While Attempting The Test
  • Identify the easy questions first and attempt them first. This will give you maximum coverage of question in minimum time.
  • Understand thoroughly the directions to answer the questions. Don't waste your time re-reading the instructions. Understanding the directions will help you to avoid mistakes. Practicing with previous year question papers will help you to familiarize yourself with the directions because standard tests usually follow the same pattern.
  • Read the questions carefully and understand it thoroughly before answering them. This is very important to avoid, giving wrong answers due to misinterpretation of the questions. Remember, each wrong answer takes you away from your dream.
  • Avoid random guessing. Wrong answers are penalized and so a wrong question will only get you negative marks and thus takes away the marks you scored. So, if you are not sure about the answer, let it go, instead of going in for a random guess.
So, there you have it, tips on how to tackle a SAT test. Work on these tips and success is yours for the taking.