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Each institution sets its own requirements for ToEFL scores. Therefore a good knowledge about the score requirements and format of ToEFL is important. Read on.

ToEFL Score

If you are keen on pursuing higher studies abroad then you must have an idea about the ToEFL score requirements for different schools. This can be done either by reading brochures of the respective institutes or through official websites. The ToEFL score is a result of understanding levels of the English language. Mainly, the university you are applying to wants to know if you can deal with your courses in a foreign country and perform well. If you want to get admitted into any of the top schools such as Harvard or Stanford, you need to have a good ToEFL score. For top schools, your score in the internet based test (iBT) should be around 60 or more (if you have taken paper based ToEFL, then it should be 650 or more). To get admission in UCLA graduate level, an internet based test ToEFL score of about 87 (560 on the paper test) is sufficient. Read this article to gain further insights on the concepts behind interpreting your ToEFL score.

ToEFL Test Score
  • It is a misconception that scoring in paper based ToEFL is easier than internet based ToEFL test. Irrespective of the format, your ToEFL score depends solely upon your proficiency in English.
  • The ToEFL score is valid for only two years. In other words, two years after you take your ToEFL, these numbers will be deleted from the official ToEFL database. Beware that ToEFL will not send you another report of your score. If you still have a copy of your original score then you can ask the university whether they will accept it. However, most universities do not oblige since they require a score sent directly from ToEFL.
  • Each section has a maximum score of 30. Since there are four sections, the total score is 120 i.e. the sum of the four skill scores.
  • In the paper based test (pBT) for ToEFL, the listening comprehension and the written expression section has a score ranging from 31-68. Whereas, the reading comprehension ranges from 31-67. The total score of a pBT ToEFL exam ranges from 310-677. The test of written English which is conducted in this format is graded on a scale of 1-6. However, this is not added to the grand total.
  • In some cases, if you feel that fact that your ToEFL scores are below average then you have the option of cancelling it. This way your low score will not be reported to the colleges and the universities which you wish to apply for. If you choose this option, you have to cancel the scores for the entire test and not just one or two sections. The only good part is that there is no fee to cancel your scores but you will not be refunded on the ToEFL registration fee.
  • If you think there is a grading error and you had performed better than your scores indicate then you can get them rescored or re-evaluated. The cost is $60 per section for iBT and $25 per section for pBT. The writing and the speaking sections can be sent for re-checking up to three months after the completion of the test.
  • Your ToEFL scores are sent to you and the four universities that you select. These chosen institutes will be receiving a score report along with your name and other details. You can also send in your marks to additional universities at a price of $17 per university.
Hope the above information was informative. All the best for all your future endeavours!