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Top Universities for Science Subjects

Science is a fascinating subject, the more you learn the lesser you know about things, it is deep with infinite knowledge. It is an entity that forms and supported with sufficient knowledge that holds close meaning to the activities in our daily life. This is probably the reason why science is said to be classified into various categories. If you have chosen to study science or plan to make it as a career then you must first decide much ahead which branch of science you want to focus on. Your friend might be interested in formal science while natural science may interest you the most, so choose wisely. once you have decided on which field of science you want to specialize in, start with choosing a good university that offers good facilities and gives you opportunity to train under excellent facility. There are several universities around the globe, choose one that exposes you to the best in that particular field. The article below give you details on the different kinds of science along with some of the top universities for science subjects across the globe.

Top Indian Universities for Studying Science
  • Indian Institution of Science, Bangalore: Founded in 1909, the IIS is ranked as the No. 1 university in the country. It also tops some of the best universities in the world for its internationally recognized academics. This premium institution combines both research and higher learning study programs to its students. The main highlight of this university is that it sponsors and promotes science research and ventures implemented by students and facility.
  • Indian Institution of Technology, Mumbai: Established by the Indian Parliament in 1958, the IITB is constantly on the quest to excel in academics. Located in northern part of Mumbai, Powai, this educational institution is said to be at par with many international universities. The institutions offers top-notch faculty, research facilities with modern infrastructure making life in the campus easy.
  • All India Institution of Medical Science, Delhi: This is yet again India's prestigious medical college that offers a host of courses based on various branches of medical science. Established in 1956 by the former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, this prestigious educational institution continues to earn a top spot in the list of India's best medical schools.
Top Universities For Studying Science Abroad
  • University of Cambridge, UK: The university is one of the oldest universities in England and was ranked 10th among the best institution in the world. Cambridge University is the only educational institution that boasts of having 61 Noble Prize alumni, the highest that any university has produced in the region.
  • oxford University, UK: Just like the University of Cambridge, oxford also holds a distinguished position as one of the best educational universities. Teaching in facilities in the universities dates back as way back to the 11th century making it one of the oldest forms of schooling in England. William Gladstone, Herbert Asquith, Clement Attlee, Edward Heath, Harold Macmillan, etc. are some the prominent oxonians.
  • Harvard University, USA: Built in 1636 in Massachusetts district, the Harvard University is not only the oldest prominent educational universities in United States, but also hold an eminent position exhibiting old world influence and culture. With the main campus being spread across 210 acres of land, the universities boast of top-notch facilities providing the best off campus life.
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA: Established on March 23rd 1868, this institution is rated as the No. 1 public university in US for its under graduation program. The university staff and alumni, has been honored with a number of distinguished awards such as Nobel Prizes, Wolf Prizes, Fields Medals, Turing Awards, MacArthur Fellowships, Academy Awards, and Pulitzer Prizes.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA: An elite private research university that mainly focuses on science and technology, this institute was built in 1861 with an emphasis on research at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Princeton University, USA: The Princeton University is yet again an important institution that had its presence even before the American Revolution. It was founded in 1746 that offers both graduate and undergraduate level courses in science. The university has consistently held a top ranking in United States.
  • Stanford University USA: Located on northern part of Santa Clara Valley, this institution is considered the best in the world. Stanford University School of Medicine is not only the oldest medical universities, but also the incorporated medical novelty, new techniques and discoveries as a part of its curriculum.
  • Imperial College London, UK: Imperial College is a public university that has transformed itself into a major research university in the field science, medicine, engineering, and many other fields. Ranked fifth in Europe the university is an important biomedical research institution in the region.