Father's Day is celebrated to honor fathers-one of the most important persons in our lives.

Father's Day

Fathers are perhaps the most important person in our lives. While it is the mother who takes care of you when you are small and gives you the emotional support, it is the father who not only gives you the required love and attention but also indulges all your wants and desires when you grow up. Be it a boy or a girl, it is the father that we turn to during the times we feel confused, lost and broke! But often the Father's unconditional love and efforts go unrecognized because the father seldom has much time to spend with his child. As such, don't you feel that your father would be overjoyed if you set aside a special day for him to celebrate all the happiness that he has brought to your life?

Father's Day is such a day which brings a smile on the faces of all the fathers around the world. A wish, or a card, a party or simply a special dish that your father loves to gorge on, Father's Day becomes the perfect occasion to help celebrate a day that is dedicated to the person who has made what you are today. Though we agree that dedicating only one day for somebody who is so close to your heart is not enough, you can nevertheless make Father's Day a reason to make your dad stay at home and not remain busy with his daily official and household chores. Also, you can treat him with all the lavishness that he only dreams for but never is able to experience on that particular day.

The practice of celebrating Father's Day started in the early twentieth century in Fairmont, West Virginia. The first Father's Day celebration took place on July 5, 1908 to celebrate the huge contribution that fathers make in a family and towards their children. However, the day was not declared a national holiday and therefore people residing outside Virginia were not even aware that a Father's Day even existed! It was in the year 1910 that a largescale celebration was organized in Washington by a resident who wanted to set aside a day for her father just like she celebrated Mother's Day. Since then most countries have celebrated Father's Day either in the month of June or July with a few exceptions. Father's Day is a special day not only in the life of a father but also the forefathers of a family.