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Lord Swaraj Paul

Famous As Philanthropist, Multi- millionaire Businessman and Labor Politician
Born On 1931
Born In Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Nationality British

Lord Swaraj Paul, the founder of multinational company Caparo Groups - the UK based steel and engineering firm, is known for his contributions in the industrial domain. From running a small foundry to becoming one of the top steel tycoons, this India-born steel magnate has created waves in the UK business world with his humungous business ventures. Despite of being one of the most affluent NRI's staying in Britain, Baron Paul strongly adheres to 'simple living and high thinking'. He has contributed a great deal towards the welfare of the society through his charitable trusts that has only helped to boost his standing as a philanthropist but has also won him great recognition. Because of his charitable works, he was knighted by British Queen and was honored with the title 'Lord of Marylebone'. Apart from this, Lord Swaraj Paul has been awarded with the prestigious Padma Bhushan for his unsurpassable feats and deeds.

Early Life
Swaraj Paul was born in 1931 in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. His father ran a small foundry, making steel buckets, tubs, trunks and various farming equipments. Swaraj Paul was educated at Forman Christian College in India and later went on to obtain his master's degree in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. On his return to India, Swaraj joined the Appeejay Surendra Group founded by his father. With the contributions of Swaraj Paul and his brothers, Appeejay Surendra Group grew into one of the noted industrial groups of India. It was a twist of fate that he had to visit London in 1966 to get his daughter cured of leukemia. After the sad demise of his daughter, he decided to stay back in London. He started his new journey by creating Caparo Groups in 1968, which he dedicates to the memory of his daughter. Under his wings, he expanded his business by conquering one after other steel companies. Lord Swaraj Paul stepped down from the management of the Caparo group in 1996, handing over his empire to his three sons. Despite being one of the richest persons in the U.K, Lord Paul practices a very simple life.

The Caparo Group established by him became one of the leading producers of welded steel tube and spiral welded pipes in UK. The Sunday times listed Lord Paul as 88th richest person in Britain. The Portland Place, where he lives speaks volumes about his richness. He also owns 250-acres of estate, The Grange, in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. Although the name, fame and money has made him an eminent figure in the business circles, the values and culture that he got from his family and parents is what really defines him. One of the greatest things about Lord Paul was his contributions towards the needy. The Ambika Paul Foundation established in the memory of his daughter gets the part of the benefits of Caparo Groups, which is used in many charitable works. For example, being the respectful member of London Zoological Society, Lord Paul funded the major projects at the Regent's Park. He also donated huge sum for Labour Party. Considering the achievements and charitable works of Lord Paul, he was knighted by British Queen as 'Lord Paul of Marylebone' and an honorary member of House of Lords. In December 2008, he was appointed as the deputy speaker of the Lords. He is the first Indian origin to rise to such a respectful post. In October 2008, he was selected to Privy Council. However, he shortly resigned from his post owing to many controversies that rose against his property. But he was relieved form all issues.

Achievements and Awards
Lord Paul has received various awards. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1983. He was also bestowed with many prestigious honors including the Pro-Chancellorship of the Thames University (1998) and its Governorship (1992-97), Chancellorship of Wolver Hampton University and University of Westminster. He was honored with Bharat Gaurav award by the Indian Merchant's Chamber. He is a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Foreign Policy Centre Advisory Council and MIT's Mechanical Engineering Visiting Committee. He is the chairman of Olympic Delivery Committee which is set to look after the infrastructural arrangements for London Olympics in 2012.

1931: Lord Swaraj Paul was born.
1966: Lord Paul went to London to get his daughter cured of Leukemia.
1968: Found Caparo Groups.
1983: Received Padma Bhushan Award
1996: Stepped down from the management of Caparo Groups.
2008: He was appointed as the deputy speaker of the Lords.
2008: Received Asian Woman Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award
2009: Resigned from deputy speaker position due to various issues created around his property.