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Indian food and Indian recipes are as diverse and rich as the cultural heritage of India. Indian food and recipes have evolved through thousands of years and have been enriched by amalgamation of various cultures over thousands of years. One finds generous uses of spices and flavor, quite typical of Indian cuisine, in all the popular recipes. The Indian palette offers such a wide variety of easy Indian recipes that you will have a hard time choosing the one that you really like. Every Indian food has its own charm and taste and is unique in its own way. The variety that Indian food offers adds more color to numerous fairs and festivals. The heady concoction of pungent spices, oil, exotic items, etc, will leave you asking for more. Indian recipes are a delight anytime, anywhere and of course, help you achieve your fifteen minutes of fame!

Off late, more and more Indians have started eating out and are experimenting with their palette. People have become adventurous in culinary terms and are trying out new cuisines. As a result, lot of eateries specialising in cuisines, hitherto unheard off, have opened in towns all over the country. After experimenting new cuisine in the restaurants, people want to try it themselves. In our recipes section, apart from Indian recipes, you can also find international recipes, such as Japanese recipes, Mexican recipes, Lebanese recipes etc. So now, you don't need to hunt for international restaurants in town, you can simply cook up the recipes at home.