Chocolate Mousse Reviews

emily posted 24-Mar-2012 04:44 AM
if you wanne know how the real chocolatte mousse is made from Belgium... this isn't the one, but still very good!
Jeera Butter posted 09-Apr-2011 09:55 AM
Very good recipie !!!!!!!! THNX!!!!!!!!!
Lew1 posted 09-Nov-2009 03:20 AM
Brilliant recipe! So easy to make and very tasty!
Bratty posted 10-Oct-2009 02:29 AM
It does work and comes out nice but could be more user friendly.
Shell posted 11-Feb-2008 09:32 AM
I think this is one of the easiest sweet dish to make and its like to be everyone's choice because its simply delicious.
ramola posted 31-Dec-2007 10:26 AM
i love this recipe specially in new year and i love chocaltes bring more recipes of chocalates