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Our Bengali Recipes section contains recipes of traditional Bengali cuisine. Bengal is situated in East India and Bengali food is characterized by the use of mustard oil and five basic spices: zeera, kalaunji, saunf, fenugreek and mustard seeds. Bengali sweets such as Rasgulla, Sandesh etc are popular all over the world. Try our delectable Bengali recipes.
No Bengali festival or celebration is complete without Rasgulla. Most of the time this mouthful of sweetness marks the beginning as well as the end of any occasion. Some even term it as the full-stop to a meal as it is customary to serve Rasgulla at the end of all the grandeur of food.

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Ras Malai
This typical Bengali sweet which drips of delicious sugar syrup with every bite is the pride of the state. One reaches a state of euphoria with every bite of this delectable sweet.

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Chicken Rezala
Chicken Rezala is a chicken cooked in Bengali style with a hint of Mughlai influence. The royal dish is prepared by cooking the meat with yogurt, keora water and a mélange of other spices. It is best savored with Indian breads.

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Bangla Khichdi
Bangla Khicdi is a typical dish that is served in Bengal. Made with masoor dal and channa dal this is not only healthy but an extremely tasty dish. It satisfies your cravings without putting on those extra calories.

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Chena Murki
Chena Murki is a sugar-coated Bengali sweet in the shape of cubes made piquant by the drizzle of rose essence. A loved and popular sweet, this is a must try.

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Bengali Fish Curry
This is one dish that completes a Bengali's day. The lovely spices that is added to the curry enhances the taste of the fish to such an extent that you tend to over eat.

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Fish Fry
A delicacy from the east Indian state of West Bengal, the crispy fish fry can be savored all the year round. Ensure you include the goodness of fish in your diet with this lip smacking easy to make dish.

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Corn Pakoras
Corn Pakoras is a lip-smacking tea time snack. Learn how to make/prepare Corn Pakoras by following this easy recipe.

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Creamy Prawn Curry
The creamy prawn curry uses a wide assortment of spices and coconut milk. The prawn soaks in all the delicious flavors as it slow cooks and the coconut milk lends the curry an unbeatable richness.

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Aloo Posto
Poppy seeds are a much used spice in the Eastern India and Aloo Posta is one such dish which makes use of the spice. The diced potatoes are cooked with a paste of poppy seeds or posta and chilies. Kalonji seeds are used to temper the dish.

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Similar to the Rasgula in appearance and texture, the desiccated coconut coated, mawa and dry fruits stuffed oval shaped bengali mithai is a mouth watering treat, one that amplifies the joy of any celebration.

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Ghugni is a typical 4 o'clock Bengali snack that is relished with pakoda or puffed rice. This snack is a tasty as well as a healthy option for all those who want to stay away from those scary calories.

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Fish Cutlet
Fish is a delicacy for most of us, and when fried into a crispy cutlet, there's very rarely another snack that can beat it's popularity. The spices give it the delectable flavor while the bread crumbs lend just the right amount of crust.

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Aaloor Dam
Aaloor Dam is a spicy and tasty lunch recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Aaloor Dam by following this easy recipe.

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Chum Chum
A typical Bengali sweet, the ooze of the sugar syrup at first bite combined with the softness of the cottage cheese is certainly a sweet one needs to try if they haven't. Miraculous in every bite.

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Indian Shrimp Curry
This rich and flavored Indian Shrimp Curry is easy to make. The aromatic spices and condiments like cilantro and paprika used in the recipe perfectly complement the shrimp.

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Doi Mach
A trip to Bengal is incomplete without eating a meal with Doi Mach. Best eaten with rice, you need nothing else to satisfy your apitite other than this heavenly combination of rice and Doi Mach.

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Dry Mutton
Dry Mutton is an exotic dish from East India where the meat is slow-cooked with a wide variety of spices. It is a must-have dish for all mutton lovers especially if you're visiting that part of the country during Durga Pujas.

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Misti Doi
A simple concoction of milk sugar and curd, the Misti Doi is as good as any other Bengali sweet and is imperatively part of their festivals. Served in a cool clay pot, this curd like sweet is perfect after any meal.

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Bhapa Chingri
The sound of Bhapa Chingri breathes music in the hearts of Bengalis. This is a delectable dish, made with mix of mustard, slender hot chili peppers and a generous drizzle of mustard oil serves a heap of nostalgia.

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Gokul Pithe
Another important aspect of the famous 'Durga Puja' festival is the mouth-watering desserts served at food stalls during this time. You might have tried Gulab Jamuns and Rasgullas, but your next priority should ideally be Gokul Pithe.

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This delicacy is an all time favourite among all Bengalies out there. The best part is that it can be made in a matter of few minutes, with Cheena and milk. The after effect this dish leaves in your mouth is absolute heaven.

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Raj Bhog
Raj bhog as the name symbolizes gives you a royal feeling. This plump dessert is made with cottage cheese which says that it is a healthy too. The golden coloured spheres are a must during festivals and it has such an easy recipe that you can make it at home without any hassle.

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Vegetable Chop
Vegetable Chop is a very popular recipe. Learn How To Make Vegetable Chop by following this easy recipe.

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Shukto is a traditional Bengali recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Shukto by following this easy recipe.

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