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All that glitters is not gold so read information & discover interesting facts about gold and then go about buying man gold jewelry.

Information On Gold

As it is said," All that glitters is not gold", so adhering to it make sure that whenever you go about buying man gold jewelry, keep these interesting facts about gold in mind: -

  • Pure gold is non reactive and is skin friendly. If you suffer from any skin problem, may be your gold item has been mixed with some other metal, which is reacting and causing some kind of allergy.
  • Gold can be molded to give any shape. You can even prepare super thin gold sheets.
  • Purity of gold is measured in terms of karat. Karat can vary from 10k to 12,14, 18, 22 and 24 k. The more the karat number, the greater is the gold purity. If you are looking out for pure gold then you should opt for 24 K gold. Rest of the karats have one or the other metal mixed like 18 K gold jewelry ensures 18 segments of gold and 10 parts include some other metal type. 12 K is semi gold as in just 50% of gold.
  • Any time you go about shopping for man gold jewelry, ensure to check up the trademark on the karat number. It also mentions about its origin place.
  • Pure gold is expensive and not very practical to wear owing to its extra softness. Therefore, it is mixed with other metals mainly copper and silver.
  • To be called solid gold it has to be a minimum of 10 Karat.
  • Gold is mixed with other metals to change the natural color of the gold, which is yellow gold. For example if you mix copper, the resultant is pinkish in color while silver blending leads to a nice greenish shade.
Keep this information on gold in mind and don't let anyone fool you around by presenting you a gold plated jewelry in the name of gold.