Do you want to learn how to say happy New Year in different languages? If yes, dive deep into the confines of this piece to get to know how to say it in different languages.

Happy New Year In Different Languages

Happiness, good luck, prosperity, peace and wishes do not pay heed to any boundaries, cultural identities, languages, caste and religious denominations. Out of the few festivities that are communally celebrated and enjoyed by people across the globe, the New Year's Day celebration is probably the grandest of all. Though all religions and cultures have their own dates marked as New Year's Day on their respective calendars, the 1st of January is universally recognized as the beginning of the year. It is quite interesting to think about the way people across the world celebrate this day. Nevertheless, apart from thinking about the festivities, have we ever thought about the way people wish and greet each other all over the world on this very special day? In this era of globalisation, it is better to brush up your language skills to become a part of the global interaction that has been increasing at a greater pace over the years. Read through the following section to learn how to say happy New Year in different languages. After all you might be doing a tour of different countries this New Year.
  • Chinese (Cantonese) - Sun nien fai lok
  • Chinese (Mandarin) - Xin nian yu kuai
  • Danish - Godt Nytår
  • Dutch - Gelukkig nieuwjaar
  • Farsi - Aide shoma mobarak
  • French - Bonne année
  • Gaelic - Aith-bhliain Fe Nhaise Dhuit
  • German - Gutes Neues Jahr
  • Hawaiian - Hauoli Makahiki Hou
  • Hebrew - Shanah tovah
  • Hindi (Indian) - Nav Varsh Ki Badhaai/ Naya Saal Mubarak Ho
  • Hmong - Nyob zoo xyoo tshiab
  • Indonesian - Elamat Tahun Baru
  • Italian - Buon Capo d'Anno
  • Japanese - Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu
  • Norwegian - Godt Nyttår
  • Pilipino (Tagalog) - Maligayang Bagong Taon
  • Polish - Szczesliwego Nowego roku
  • Portuguese - Feliz ano novo
  • Romanian - La Multi Ani
  • Russian - S Novym Godom
  • Spanish - Feliz Año Nuevo
  • Sudanese - Wilujeng Tahun Baru
  • Swedish - Gott Nytt År
  • Turkish - Yeni Yiliniz Kutlu Olsun
  • Welsh - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
  • Afrikaans - Gelukkige nuwejaar / voorspoedige nuwejaar
  • Albanian - Gëzuar vitin e ri
  • Bulgarian - честита нова година (chestita nova godina)
  • Czech - šťastný nový rok
  • Greek - kali chronia / kali xronia eutichismenos o kainourgios chronos (we wish you a happy new year)
  • Hungarian - boldog új évet
  • Kazakh - zhana zhiliniz kutti bolsin
  • Latin - Felix sit annus novus