You will find best of New Year party theme ideas elucidated in this article. Take a look!

New Year Theme Parties

People celebrate New Year around the world with great zeal and gusto. The revelries on this occasion can range from a quiet romantic evening spent with a loved one to warm yet vivacious get-togethers with close friends and relatives. Yet, some opt for a wild night at various hot nightclubs. However, if you wish to have best of both the worlds, then you can definitely do it by throwing a hip and trendy themed party at your home. These parties open great and unique entertainment avenues for guests as well as hosts and certainly stand apart from the regular run-of-the-mill New Year bashes. You will find numerous enchanting theme ideas in this article that you can opt for this year to give your guests a memorable New Year celebration. Do not forget to integrate your chosen theme in all aspects of the party planning, right from invitations to decorations to menu, that will surely bowl out your guests.

Around the World
This theme will allow you to have an extended New Year party, that can start earlier in the day, with you and your guests celebrating New Year each time a new time zone strikes twelve in the night. Decorate the party venue with globes and different symbols from different parts of the world. Make the menu interesting by including signature dishes of various world cuisines. This will certainly add further charm to the theme of your party.

Fortune Teller
Many cultures of the world believe that on New Year's Eve, the thin line between the spirit realm and our world becomes hazy; thus, a person can look into the future. You can capitalize on this idea and plan a stunning party around this theme. You can use tarot cards as invitations for your guests. The party decorations can include witty posters with various astrological signs, tarot cards, etc. with funny predictions. You can also hire a professional fortune teller, palmist etc. to keep the guests entertained.

Vegas Night
Who doesn't know the world famous Los Vegas? Your guests will love a casino themed party that gives them the feeling of multimillionaire high rollers. You can rent various casino games as well as poker tables for the entertainment of the guests. Besides this, organize some event with a magician or a comedian to add further vivaciousness to the party. Serving food in Vegas-style buffet would act as an icing on the cake. Make sure that the venue shimmers with lots of glitters and metallic ornamentations.

Costume Party
This is a classic New Year's party theme. For inviting guests, you can send details of the party written on a simple mask as an invitation card. Highlight the dress code, so that all can join in the fun. Along with the usual song and dance, you can hold a best costume contest for your guests. This will definitely make things quite intriguing. For party décor, you have various choices, right from balloons and streamers to various other regular New Year decorations.

Glow in the Dark
This is a fantastic New Year's bash theme, where all can spread light in the world like glowworms. To prepare for this party, you need to buy black lights from the professional party supply stores and affix them around the house. Stock up on lots of glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, or even eyeglasses that can be handed out to the guests. For decorations, you can install colorful fiber optic lights. Serve glowing tonic water made ice cubes and jello molds to your guests, which will create an electrifying vibe in the party.

Disney Waltz
Organize Disney based New Year party. This theme will be enjoyed by adults as well as children. Decorate your house like Disney wonderland and handout Mickey Mouse ears to your guests. Besides these, there are numerous party favors available in the market that can make your New Year bash full of fun and frolic. Serve cakes and pastries shaped as various beloved Disney characters.

Era Party
Take a particular era out of history and use it as the theme for your New Year party. This will transcend your guests in the past and make this New Year unforgettable for them. You can go in for the 1960s hippies or 1970s retro disco theme and ask your guests to dress accordingly. Make sure to play the choosiest songs and bands of the era that will get your guests in the mood. Add food items that were considered plush at that time, along with this.