New Year is a perfect occasion to showoff your decoration skills. This article brings to you some marvelous home décor tips for New Year.

New Year Decorations

New Year celebrations are not complete without hearty decorations, parties and get-togethers with friends as well as relatives. Homes are not just places where we live but, in fact, have become a mirror to our personalities. They reflect not only our tastes, but our emotions as well. This year, ring in the New Year with style and decorate your home based on spectacular color coordinated theme that would leave all your guests tongue-tied and filled with awe. You'll find numerous out-of-the-box and sensational New Year decoration ideas for your home in this article. However, before you start decorating, take a careful look at the architecture and space available in your home, so that you can implement and modify New Year decoration ideas elucidated in this piece as per your home's specifications.

Tips for New Year Decorations

Festooning the Entrance
Colorful fresh wreaths are a wonderful way to decorate your home entrance. To further enhance the looks of your main entrance, you can place elaborate green bouquets filled with exquisite flowers and fruits, festooned with soft, flowing ribbons. Make sure that the shades of wreath, flowers and other decorative arrangements gel well with your chosen New Year's decoration theme. However, if you plan to continue using Christmas decorations for New Year as well, buy wreaths that stay fresh for long. For this purpose, decorations made from nuts, raffia, cinnamon sticks and cloves are best and quite different from the well traveled road.

Accentuating the Outdoors
If you are blessed with a garden, then you can perform decorating miracles with it. You can light up the entire garden with intricate strings of hundreds of light bulbs. Wrap them around trees or hang them from tree tops and bushes. This will bathe the entire atmosphere in soft light. Do not use too harsh colors for lighting that might clash with your other decorations. Make sure that you do not neglect the entrance walkway, leaving it with a dull look. You can come up with various unique ways to liven this space up, by lighting candles and stringing along banners as well as signs related to New Year or by simply writing various New Year greetings on the banners using sparkles. Make this space into your own personal art gallery, where you can freely let your creative juices flow and create your favorite New Year scenes, pictures and moments with a paint brush that your guests can look at while entering your home.

Ornamenting the Stairways
If you have a stairway that leads to your home, you can work wonders with it. Decorate it with cascading floral arrangements, mixed with tiny angel light bulbs. You can tie tiny shimmering stars, figurines, slivery cutouts of clouds or even wreaths from the railings of the staircase to give it a more luxurious look. Besides these, you can also hang tiny strings of bells that your guests can ring to announce their arrival.

Charming Up the Interiors
Depending on the theme that you have chosen for your New Year decorations, you can decorate the interiors of your home tastefully with hanging glass candle holders and shimmering metallic streamers draped across the ceiling and attached to the walls of the opposite corners. You can also hang beautifully crafted paper lanterns around the rooms to give them an oriental look. Clusters of five to seven helium filled balloons tied to a weight will give an ethereal look to your spacious dinning hall. Also, you can convert some of your open wall space into a resolution wall by hanging extensive post boards on it, where your guests can write their New Year resolutions.

Table Dynamics
Most of us host some or the other get-together party during the New Year; therefore, table decorations become highly imperative. Do not deviate from the color theme and decide the shades of the table cloth, service dishes, and center pieces, accordingly. Also try and avoid ostentatious centerpieces as they would take up huge space and restrict the use of table for more practical purposes. You can add further zing to the table by affixing it with mistletoes and small, cute table centerpieces that go well with your New Year decoration theme.