This article will provide you with some simply ingenious ideas to make your New Year dinner a striking success.

New Year Dinner Ideas

New Year celebrations make for a wonderful occasion, where you can invite all your near and dear ones to your home and organize a wonderful New Year's dinner for them. This would be a prefect chance for you to rekindle old friendships and catch up with friends as well as relatives, with whom you have not had a chance to stay in regular touch. Besides this, a New Year's dinner is a spectacular way to showcase your culinary talents and art of management. A New Year's meal is not just about food, it is, rather, about stunning food which has such a satiating taste that would remain on your guests' tongues throughout the year. If you feel this is quite a daunting task, find some very interesting and easy to implement ideas that will definitely make your New Year's dinner an absolutely unforgettable gourmet and a phenomenal gastronomical affair.

Before beginning this journey, you must make up your mind on what sort of dinner you want to serve to your guests beforehand - a formal sit-in dinner with three-course meal or a buffet style informal dinner. Nowadays, buffet style dinners have become quite popular since they give guests a chance to mingle with each other including the hosts more freely, which adds to the mood of the occasion. If you are looking to make your New Year's dinner vibrant and festive with electrified vibes, then this would be the style best suited for you. Though it may seem much simpler to plant than a three-course meal, but there are still certain things that you need to keep in mind to make this gourmet endeavor of yours successful.

New Year Dinner Ideas
  • One of the most important things that you should keep in mind while arranging a New Year dinner is the type of food your guests like. Make sure to keep a healthy balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes so that no matter what sort of food your guest prefers, he/she feels that you have planned the menu keeping him/her in mind.
  • To make your New Year dinner successful, prepare some scrumptious signature New Year party dishes. Some of the most favored and loved delectable dishes suited for this occasion are Caesar Salad, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Carrots, Greek New Year Sweet Bread, and Easy Creme de Menthe Cake. Besides these, if you still feel a little confused about the taste inclinations of some guests, then you can simple ask them their preferences beforehand.
  • To make any dinner party a success, especially New Year’s, an unlimited supply of mouthwatering and taste titillating appetizers and starters is a must. However, it is important to make sure whatever items you choose to serve to your guests, go well with each other and do not have contradicting tastes. Plan well and coordinate, what sort of appetizers you would like to go for as there are numerous permutations and combinations, like cooked or raw, spicy or sweet, hot or cold, creamy or crunchy.
  • Spend generously on champagne rather than losing money on expensive champagne flutes. However, make sure you have enough so that all your guests can toast together to welcome the New Year. Besides this, take care that you do not run out of snacks till midnight, if you are planning to ring the New Year with your friends.
  • Keep the liquor flowing, but do not forget about the guests who do not indulge in alcoholic drinks. Arrange non-alcoholic beverages, like fruit juices, punches, shakes, etc. for them. You can prepare these at home as umpteen recipes are available on the web. This will keep even the sober guests in a delightful party mood.
  • Once the food and beverages are decided, decorations fall in next, as presentation is an integral part of creating the right celebratory mood of a New Year dinner. You can use white or silver based crockery to serve food; these will gel well with the wintry weather. Decorate the buffet table with blue candles and mistletoes to enhance the festive feeling.
  • Instead of the indoor dinner on New Year’s Eve, you can plan for an outdoor party, either in your garden or on the beach. Light bonfires to keep your guests warm and arrange for a great DJ to bring in the New Year in style with a night of fun and frolic.