The New Year's Eve party is the king of all parties. With this write-up, find some exciting ways to make the party a spectacular and stunning affair.

New Year Eve Party

What better way to bid goodbye to the passing year and to welcome the New Year than throwing a glamorous and glorious New Year's Eve party for your friends, relatives and family members? So, if you are planning to have a sure-shot gala time this New Year by throwing an unforgettable New Year bash but feel at loss for great ideas to pull it off, then do not worry. This is where this article will assist you throughout your planning and execution. In this write-up, you'll find various intriguing ideas and useful tips to host and organize a smashing New Year's Eve party that will be ten-on-ten in all aspects, be it decorations, fun, excitement or food. Scroll on further to find some wondrous ideas.

Party Theme
Before embarking on the frantic onslaught for organizing a party, make sure you zero in on an interesting party theme. This will help you organize it better and increase the fun quotient for your guests. For example, you can arrange a pirate party or an open terrace party with the best view in town, or a pool party for your guests to have a splash in. Also, decide a basic color theme that will add vibrancy to the atmosphere of the party. The most popular New Year's party themes include Masquerade Party, Disco or Retro theme, Celebrity theme, and so on.

Party Invitations
Invitations say a lot about a party, way before the actual party begins; thus, you should pay attention to this very important aspect of organizing any party. The simplest way to make New Year's Eve party invitations is to take help of your computer. Search for some interesting symbolic pictures of New Year, like New Year's baby, Father Time, champagne bottles, champagne glasses, or New Year's Eve top hats, and download them from a royalty free image site. Then using your favorite print shop or photo processing software, create 8½ by 11 inch documents. Place your selected New Year's picture on the right side and party details like date, time, venue, and RSVP information on the left side. Print them on a single sheet of card stock.

Party Favors
To prepare the festive mood of the party, get interesting New Year's Eve party favors for your guests, like party top hats, tiaras, beaded necklaces, or leis. You'll find these fascinating party props in most party stores. Keeping your theme in mind, you can buy these in stylish New Year's color themes, which includes shades like black, white and gold or blue, white and silver. To increase the noise quotient and bring vivaciousness to the party, keep lots of party blow-outs, horns, rattles, crackers and fireworks at hand, that guests can use during the midnight countdown to welcome the New Year. If you are planning to turnoff the lights at midnight, then buying glow sticks for the party is a fabulous idea.

Party Decorations
Candles and balloons are the most charming and signature New Year party decorations. Besides regular balloons, you can also get helium balloons in shapes of champagne bottles, champagne glasses, and top hats. Along with these, you can strategically place various hanging and other candle holders around the party venue, for some dramatic effect. Draping a banner with "Happy New Year" printed on it across the wall is also a classic New Year decoration idea. There are numerous other party decorations that you can get, like shimmering metallic streamers and glowing disco balls; however, make sure you do not go overboard and do stick to the color theme you've chosen.

Party Food and Drinks
At the end, the true worth of a party always rests on the flavors, varieties and quality of various cuisines, drinks and desserts served to the guests during its course. You can go for various mouthwatering dishes, such as platters of baked pork chops, oysters Rockefeller, and sautéed kale with mini-glazed donuts to follow along with Meyer lemon yogurt or chocolate sauce as dipping. Besides these dream-come-true dishes of any foodie, make sure to keep some lucky New Year foods on the menu as well, namely, pork, leafy kale, donuts, and legumes. Other than the usual champagne wine, whisky and vodka, you can set up a make-your-own (MYO) cocktail bar counter where guests can create their own cocktails, giving them more choices to experiment and have a rocking time.

Party Music
No party is a party without the happing music and dance numbers; therefore, arrange for a professional DJ, who can manage the musical beats of the party without a glitch. Get someone who can effortlessly switch from one sort of foot tapping numbers to hip-hop to house to reggae to trance. Make sure to book a DJ package that includes lighting, strobes and fog effects, which will enhance the experience of the party for your guests. Combined with a spacious and sleek dance floor, these elements will make your party memorable for every guest.