Present delightful and meaningful New Year gifts to your loved ones that are filled with your love and affection for them.

New Year Gifts

It's an age old tradition to bid adieu to the past year and ring in the New Year by presenting charming gifts to friends and family members. If you are planning to make this year's New Year celebrations special and unforgettable for your loved ones by gifting them with thoughtful, unique and memorable presents, but are facing tough time choosing a perfect gift for each, then this article is definitely for you. This write-up will assist you in discovering such gift items that will not only help your loved ones say farewell to the passing year, but will also help them prepare for the coming year along with playing a positive role in helping them achieve their New Year's resolutions. Take a look at the different New Year gifts in the following lines.

Environment Friendly Gifts
This New Year, do your bit for the planet and that too in style. Go green and present your loved ones with wonderful and beautiful ornamental potted plants. These beautiful and lively plants will not only increase the green quotient in your near and dear ones' lives, but their green color will also symbolize a fresh start and hope. These plants are small in size and hassle-free to maintain; thus, they can be kept in homes as well as offices. Today, there are various options available in this category, ranging from flowering plants to ferns to Bonsais. If the person you intend to gift to is more of a pet lover than plants, then gifting him/her with a petite aquarium would be a unique New Year gift idea. However, do make sure that the aquarium has good variety of fish that will add to the vibrancy of your gifts. Gold fishes, Angel fishes, Anthias fishes, Damsel fishes, etc. are some spectacular choices for a small aquarium. Both the above mentioned items add ambiance and calmness to the surroundings and hence, make wonderful New Year gifts.

Bouquets and Cakes
Another wonderful way to wish a happy and prosperous New Year to you friends and family is to present them with colorful bouquets. These make great gifts for people of all tastes and you'll seldom find a person who does not love flowers. If you know the favorite flower of the person whom you are planning to gift the bouquet to, then the task becomes easy. However, if you have to make a choice on your own, then go for exquisite ornamental flowers, like lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, etc. Make sure that the bouquet is decorated elegantly with ribbons. You can further pair it up with scrumptious ring-shaped cakes, as these are considered quite auspicious on New Year since they represent the full circle of time.

Personalized Gifts
A calendar seems like a boring gifting choice for the New Year. However, you can pep it up by personalizing it. You can showcase your creativity by using personal photographs for each of the 12 months and go as far as highlighting significant dates related with your friends and family members, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Besides this, you can also gift exclusive coffee mugs, pen stands and journals to your near and dear ones this year. Get these imprinted with motivational as well as thoughtful New Year greetings or quotes for a more enthusiastic idea. If the present is meant for a really close friend, then gifting him/her with a personalized T-shirt, with your and his/her photograph along with this year's resolution imprinted on it will definitely add a zing to the coming year's celebrations.

Gift Baskets
This New Year, surprise your loved ones by presenting them with wholesome gift baskets that they can share with one and all. Nowadays, markets are filled with umpteen fancy and various theme based baskets that you can choose from to gift your near and dear ones based on their taste, style and requirements. An exquisite healthy food gift basket that includes fresh fruits, nuts, antioxidant rich chocolates and many other delicious trans-fat free products will make a prefect gift for a health conscientious person. On the other hand, you can charm a loved one, who has a taste for fine things in life, by presenting him/her with a champagne and fondue basket. Besides exclusive and high quality champagne, such elite baskets also include gourmet chocolate chips, a fondue pot and dipping forks.

Resolution Fulfilling Gifts
New Year is a time to learn from the past and work towards a better tomorrow. Hence, if your loved ones have also made some resolutions for the coming year, then it would be a splendid idea to present them with something that will facilitate them in achieving their goals. Therefore, if a loved one has made a vow to work towards a healthier lifestyle in the coming year, you can present him/her with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, like treadmill, spinning bike etc. If one has made a resolution to de-stress in the coming year despite hectic lifestyle, you can present him/her with spa vouchers, travel tickets or simply enroll them for yoga classes. These thoughtful presents will definitely let your loved ones know this New Year how important they are to you.