This article sheds light on some perfect food items that will make your New Year party menu rocking and tasteful.

New Year Party Menu

If, this year, you are planning to ring in the New Year with a lot of fun and style by throwing a perfect New Year Eve's party for you beloved friends and family members, some people might say there is no so such thing as a perfect party. But we would certainly beg to differ, we bet you do to. Then, let's get cracking on it. Though throwing a party involves many facets once the venue is decided, the most important part is menu selection because people forget every detail of a party but the taste of the food is always remembered. A truly innovative menu makes a party legendry. New Year's party, which is considered the king of all parties, should definitely have soul satiating and taste buds titillating food items on the menu. Too much pressure, ahh! This article will help you zero in on various specialties for New Year's party that will certainly make you the toast of the town.

Healthy and Tangy Dips
Dips and spreads are quite liked by the guests at parties, and New Year Eve's get-togethers are no exception to the rule. You can serve various kinds of nutritious as well as tasty munchies to your guests as pre-starters. Set a platter of baby carrots, baby corns and various other colorful baby vegetables available in the market; this will be a wonderful way to welcome the baby New Year. These fresh veggies can be paired with zesty dips that will stimulate the taste buds of your guests. You can choose from various interesting options, such as hummus, French onion dip, and other dipping sauces. To catch the full effect of the wintry weather and the New Year's Eve, you can serve these delectable snacks in light blue, white or silver colored bowls that suit the mood of the occasion.

Happening Hors D'oeuvres
Small scrumptious appetizers and hors d'oeuvres are a great way to impress the guests with your wonderful party etiquettes. These petite bites of savory food allow the guests to move around the party and mingle with other guests without having to sit or stand at one place while eating. No matter in which part of the world one is having a New Year's party, all are aware about the tradition of the dropping of crystal ball on New Year's Eve at Times Square. You can showcase your creativity by preparing snacks inspired by this classic New Year's theme. Caprese kebabs are an easy recipe that you can serve to your guests; all you need to do is take a skewer and slide balls of fresh mozzarella along with round cherry tomatoes and basil leaves on it. Besides this, other hot appetizers that will definitely warm your guests on a chilly New Year's Eve can include slider burgers, mini barbeque chicken pizzas, stuffed mushrooms, and classic cheese and ham squares.

Wholesome Main Dishes
Well-mouthwatering appetizers are a great way to keep the guests indulged for a while, but eventually, a heartier meal should be presented to them to get the party rolling. Well, it depends on what kind of a party you are throwing. If it's an elegant sit-down meal that you are aiming for, you can go all out with a three-course meal; however, nowadays, buffet-style feasts are preferred more as these gives the guests as well as hosts enough independency to mingle with the guests and catch-up with old friends. Besides this, a guest can pick and choose what and how much he/she would like to eat. Some of the gourmet dishes that you can place with pride at your buffet table are fresh mozzarella and pesto sandwiches, pastas, roasted and grilled meat, and fresh salad. Their delightful look and taste titillating aroma will definitely enchant your guests. To further charm to the ambiance of the party, use sapphire colored candles to illuminate the buffet table, along with white or silver serving-ware.

Delightful Desserts and Drinks
Mouthwatering, scrumptious and sinfully sweet cakes, pies and other desserts are definitely the superstars of any New Year's menu, as they are immensely enjoyed by the guests. However, making them in individual-sized treats will make it much easier for the guests to take pleasure in eating their dessert rather than fretting about slicing and cutting portions out of the whole dishes. Cupcakes, along with miniature pies and tarts, cookies and small cups of custard, all are such desserts that are easy for guests to pick up and carry with them. As far as drinks are concerned, other than alcoholic drinks which are a galore at every party, make sure that you include non-alcoholic drinks for non-drinkers or those who are planning to drive. Classic drinks for New Year parties are champagne and sparkling cider.