Apple And Almond Halwa Recipe

Apple And Almond Halwa Recipe
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Apple And Almond Halwa is a delightful mixture of apple and almonds to give out a different taste. Learn how to make/prepare Apple And Almond Halwa by following this easy recipe.
Apple And Almond Halwa Recipe
Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Cooking Time 40 Minutes
Difficulty Average
Rating 5.6 / 10 (5 votes)
Recipe Type Veg.
Serves 4
  • 4 Apples (grated)
  • 1 cup Almonds
  • 2 Green Cardamoms
  • 2 inch stick Cinnamon
  • 1 cup Milk Powder
  • ¾ cup Sugar
  • ¼ cup Pure Ghee
How to make Apple And Almond Halwa:
  • Parboil the almonds and blend to make a paste.
  • Heat oil or ghee in a thick bottom pan and add grated apples and sugar to it and cook stirring till the texture begins to change.
  • It is essential to add sugar along with the apples, so that the apples do not get completely mashed.
  • Add cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom and stir it well. Add the almond paste and stir cook on high heat for 2-3 min.
  • Reduce the flame and add milk powder. Stir and cook on low heat till you get halwa consistency. Serve hot at room temperature.