Til Pitha Recipe

Til Pitha Recipe
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Til pitha is almost synonymous to Bihu as you cannot think of Bhogali Bihu without loads of til pitha. This traditional dish is not known to many except the Assamese community, but we bet, once you have it you will crave for more. This cylindrical shaped dessert is stuffed with til (sesame) and sometimes with coconut too.
Til Pitha Recipe
Difficulty Easy
Rating 8.9 / 10 (11 votes)
Recipe Type Veg.
  • 2 cups Glutinous Rice
  • 100 gm Jaggery
  • 80 gm Black Sesame Seeds
  • 4 cups Water
How to make Til Pitha:
  • Soak the rice overnight in water.
  • Drain excess water and grind it carefully.
  • Roast sesame seeds and pound them to remove their outer shell.
  • Cut Jaggery into small chips and combine the sesame seeds with it.
  • Heat the griddle and spread the rice batter over it to the size of Puri with the help of a ladle.
  • While it is being roasted, put the stuffing of jaggery and sesame mixture in its middle.
  • As and when the rice batter gets firm, fold its sides to cover the stuffing.
  • Turn it over and heat lightly before taking it off from the fire. Ensure that jaggery doesn't melt and flow out.
  • Til Pitha is ready to eat.