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Here are tips on buying man dress shoes. Read about man casual dress shoes and formal dress shoes for men.

Man Dress Shoes

All shoes don't go well with all types of outfits. To get that total look for any occasion, one needs to have proper understanding of the perfect man dress shoes. Though black leather shoes look chic and elegant but when attired with say a tracksuit, can spoil the whole appearance. Here are a couple of tips that you need to keep in mind while shopping man casual dress shoes & formal dress shoes for men:

  • Color sense is very important. While shopping shoes, be clear whether you are looking out for shoes to be worn with a particular outfit or you are buying to have a new member in your already available classic footwear collection. If you are generally buying shoes, then prefer going in for versatile colors like black and brown because they are universal colors and can be worn with any color trousers.
  • If you are fond of attiring khakis then you can opt for loafers and oxfords.
  • If looking out for some party wear footwear, leather thongs and strapped sandals will look simply chic.
  • If earthen shades fancy you, then you can look out for camel brown shade. It looks cool and funky.
  • With business suits, the perfect choice is black leather shoes. They can go well with any color suit be it gray, white or black.
  • With 4 or 6 pocket pants or cargo pants, you can try out a pair of urbane monk strapped shoes. They are hot and happening.
  • For the special occasions metallic footwear especially thongs and sandals are absolutely mindblowing.
  • Sneakers are just apt with morning or fitness purposes. You can attire them with T-shirt and shorts. They have a strong grip and provide you with adequate support that prevents you from slips and falls.
  • Jutties are just too good for Sherwani suits. Another good option could be Royal Mojris. They come up in a variety of beautiful rainbow colors.
It is just about smart intelligent dressing that becomes a source of appreciation. So follow this trouser-shoe guide and you are surely going to leave a favorable impression on women.