Christmas in Argentina is special occasion. The Christmas customs, traditions and celebrations are unique in Argentina. Read on to learn more about the celebrations in Argentina.

Christmas In Argentina

Christmas or 'La Navidad', in Argentina is celebrated on the 25th of December. Christmas decorations form the most important aspect of Christmas celebrations in the country. Each house in Argentina is decorated with garlands, wreaths, electric lights and native flowers of the season. The Christmas tree is adorned beautifully with baubles, small figurines of Christmas characters and cotton balls to represent snow. Little children anticipate the arrival of 'Papai Noels' for gifts. Fireworks are put on show to amuse the children during Christmas Eve. 'Globos' are floating, paper balloons that are lit with candles, which is a popular Christmas tradition in Argentina. A magnificent Christmas dinner comprising of the country's favourite dishes like 'parrillada' and 'ninos envuettas' are served on Christmas Eve. The people prefer to have their Christmas dinner out in the open and in gardens. Read this article to find out more about the Christmas celebrations in Argentina.

Customs, Traditions & Celebrations
Christmas in Argentina is very similar to the celebrations in European countries. The festival celebrations in Argentina have changed over the years, in such a way that Christmas has become more of a commercial event rather than a religious one. The people in Argentina consider Christmas as the perfect occasion for family gatherings.

Christmas Celebrations
Christmas Day is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. Argentina is a country greatly influenced by Italian and German cultures. Christmas celebrations in Argentina are derived from the Catholic roots of the country. Christmas season in Argentina is during the summer, which gives a reason for people to celebrate their holidays outdoors. Children write letters to 'Papai Noels' or Santa Claus, asking for gifts.

Christmas Decorations
Decorations are an important part of Christmas celebrations in Argentina. The houses are decorated with Christmas lights, colorful flowers and other ornaments in the most beautiful manner. Wreaths are hung at prominent places as a symbol of welcoming friends and families to the houses. Red and white garlands are placed on doorways and walls. The roads, streets and shops are illuminated by electric lights and Christmas ornaments to reflect the mood of the festive season. In Argentina, the Christmas tree is adorned with baubles, lights and also cotton balls to represent as snow. The Christmas trees are usually decorated on December 8th, which is the 'Feast of the Annunciation'. In every house in Argentina, one can find a creche or 'pesebre' depicting the 'Nativity scene,' as a part of traditional customs.

Christmas Feast
On Christmas Eve, a grand feast is served for all. These days, people prefer to enjoy their feast in the gardens. Typical Christmas dishes include roast turkey, roast pork with stuffed tomatoes, 'Turron' and Christmas bread. 'Pan Dulce' and 'Panettone' are puddings served along with the other dishes, which are favored by all. A grilled meat dish known as 'parrillada' is a very popular dish served in all households during Christmas. Another tasty Christmas dish is the 'ninos envuettas', which is a rolled steak stuffed with hard boiled eggs, minced meat and spices.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve is the most significant day during the Christmas season. Firework displays are an essential activity during the Christmas celebrations in Argentina. Children rush towards the venue where the fireworks are held to watch the bright lights fill the night sky. Fireworks usually go on all night until the wee hours of Christmas morning. Another Christmas tradition followed in Argentina is the lighting of the 'globos'. These are paper balloons that are lit from the inside and released in the air, embellishing the night. The gifts are placed under the Christmas tree and opened at midnight as a part of their customs. Families then attend the 'Midnight Mass' held at church. On the day of Christmas, families in Argentina attend church services all day. People form groups and go from one house to another, singing their favourite Christmas carols.

Three Kings Day
The 'Three Kings Day' is celebrated on January 6th, which is the day when children expect to receive gifts from the 'Magi' or the 'Three Wise Kings'. As per traditions, children in Argentina leave their shoes outside with some hay and water for the Magi's horses. By next morning the shoes are filled with gifts form the Magi. More recently, the children have begun to leave their shoes under the Christmas tree.

Most countries have their own way of celebrating Christmas. Argentina's Christmas customs and traditions are influenced by Catholic roots. Fireworks and 'globos' are important practices during Christmas celebrations in Argentina. Houses and Christmas trees are decorated in the most elegant manner. The people enjoy their Christmas dinners in the garden, attributing to the grand celebrations in this country.