Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in Denmark. Read on, to know about the traditions, customs and celebrations which involve Christmas in Denmark.

Christmas In Denmark

Christmas is an extremely magnificent affair in the 'fairytale country' of Denmark. The festival of Christmas begins with the Advent and on the 24th of December Christmas Eve is celebrated with much fanfare. The festivities are extended to the next day i.e. 25th December and also till 26th. Family gatherings, lighting up candles at the Christmas tree, singing and dancing around the tree are some basic Christmas celebrations here. Denmark is the oldest European kingdom and many age-old customs related to Christmas have lost their meaning over a period of time. Christmas is Denmark is called 'Jul', an old Nordic word for 'feast' and is a major holiday here. The celebrations of Christmas have a long association with the Nordic culture from where many Christmas celebrations came to being. Even before the birth of Christianity, the Nordic pagans used to conduct festivals involving a lot feasting. If one tries to discover the origin of the customs of Christmas, one is sure to find strong references in the pagan culture of Denmark.

Customs, Traditions & Celebrations

Christmas in Demark is known as 'Jule' and Jule Eve is marked by an extravagant family dinner. After the dinner the family goes dancing around the Christmas tree, singing Yule songs or carols.

Advent Wreath
In Denmark, Christmas arrives with the Advent. An advent wreath has four candles, each of which is ignited every one of the four Sundays which fall before 24th December. Advent means "coming", which means the time of eager waiting for the birth of Jesus Christ. The traditional Advent wreath is made of fine dapper twigs, decorated with red berries and spruced cones, white candles and red ribbons to be able to fix them to the ceiling. These days one can find innovative Advent wreaths in the market, which are quite colorful and decorative. The materials used have also gone beyond from what used originally.

The Calendar Candle
The Christmas candle calendar is a special calendar which has date markings until 24th December or till the end of it. The candle is lit every day from the beginning of Christmas till it reaches on the 24th marking, which is Christmas Eve. As it reaches 24th December, it is blown out before it reaches the next day. This job is usually given to the children.

Church Going
The church services Denmark begin from 24th December and continue till 26th. Visits to the church are done on Christmas Eve, before commencing the celebrations.

Yule Lunch or Dinner is major show in Denmark. Friends and family members arrange for lunches on Christmas which is called 'Julefrokost' or Yule Lunch. Basically, a Yule lunch involves lots or food and alcohol (mostly beer) and is an important part of Christmas celebrations in Denmark.

With the sum total of all the above mentioned factors, Christmas is Denmark is as remarkable as it is basic. Hope the above text gave you a fair idea of what to expect if you are in Denmark this Yuletide.