Bedmi Puri Recipe

Bedmi Puri Recipe
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Bedmi Puri is a North-Indian delicacy made with maida and moong dal. Garam masala and coriander powder are mixed with the dough which are then rolled and deep-fried. The crispy puris are best consumed with Aloo ki Sabji.
Bedmi Puri Recipe
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Recipe Type Veg.
  • 500 gms Maida
  • 100 gms Moong Dal
  • 1 tsp Red chilli powder
  • 1 tsp Ground coriander
  • 1 tsp Garam masala
  • 4 tbsp Oil
  • Salt to taste
How to make Bedmi Puri:
  • Mix moong dal, red chili powder,ground coriander, garam masala and grind it.
  • Make a paste of grinded mixture.
  • Add oil and paste in maida
  • Add water and make dough out of it.
  • Make small balls out of the dough and roll out it to make puris.
  • Deep fry it till the blow up.
  • Bedmi Puri is ready.