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Bridal Asia fashion show is the India's largest annual fashion wedding exhibition.

Bridal Asia - The Trendsetter

Bridal Asia fashion show is a grand fashion extravaganza that takes place every year in New Delhi at Taj Hotel. India's largest annual fashion wedding exhibition Bridal Asia is exclusive in its range of bridal trousseaus and other wedding attires and this is what sets it apart from others. It presents the fabulous haute couture ensembles from classic styling to the most sensuous type. First held in 1999, Bridal Asia has been continuously leading the fashion world with its styles. In fact it has acquired the commanding position of a trendsetter.

It started off with over 40 participants but today the number has more than doubled. This great fashion show is not just a show stage for exhibiting Indian talent but a platform that facilitates business relationships. It is sponsored by many organizations involved in the business of wedding attires, bridal trousseaus, bridegroom's clothing, cosmetics, Boutiques and sparkling gems. People from all over the world gather to witness this great fashion show to have a glimpse at the ethnic contemporary variety of India.

It creates an exotic mood where everybody is set to rock and roll. It gives a feel of wedding occasion. Models dressed up like brides display beautiful Saris draped in different styles. To complement, Indian beauties attire sparkling jewels that embellish their charm. Tinkling sound of pearl studded anklets and the sexy toe rings they wear are just apt for the sizzling prom look. Bridal trousseaus made of rich brocade in beautiful shades with glittery gold embroidery look simply stunning. This big fashion extravaganza has not only made its presence felt in India but driving people crazy in Western world too.