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Levis has emerged as a leading fashion jeans brand. Read about Levis products.

Levis Fashion Brand

In the list of top market players in the fashion industry, the most shining name is Levis fashion brand. Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO) was named after its founder Levi Strauss in 1853. Since then the journey of its success has been going on. It has cast its spell in more than 110 countries. Levis as leading jeans brand has entered into the international parlance and flooding the market with its designer apparels. Levis products are marketed under various brand names like Levis, Dockers and Levi Strauss Signature.

It is a name with which youth associate themselves. There is a vast array of Levis products like jeans, shirts, shoes, vests, skirts etc. Levis jeans which has today, become the talk of the town was introduced in the year 1873. LS & CO is a family business, which is taken care of by the descendants of Strauss family. Company shares are not displayed for sale by outsiders except in the Japanese subsidiary. It is a large organization employing nearly 8,850 people from all over and consists of about 1,000 employees at California where it is headquartered.

Levis Fashion Company has been worldwide appreciated for the perfect fit. The specialty of Levis lies in the fact that it is very empathetic towards people. Fashion is a highly customer oriented industry where there are large number of competitors sitting to give you a cutthroat competition. It is the time when you have to come up with something different, something unique keeping the target buyer group in mind. For customer satisfaction it is important to put yourself in the client's position and then come up with a variety with a difference. This is what Levis is exactly doing. Levis is a symbol of passion and independence so go about flaunting your attitude with a pair of Levis jeans.