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Marks Spencer is a major fashion brand, known for its designer apparels. Read about the history of Marks and Spencer.

Marks Spencer Brand

To know about the history of Marks Spencer, one has to go way back in 1884. This big fashion store of today had commenced with the setting up of a small stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market by Michael Marks. Gradually he moved a step further by launching his shop in Manchester in 1893. Well, the firm got its name 'Marks Spencer' as a result of the partnership that took place in 1894 between Michael Marks with Tom Spencer, who was earlier associated with IJ Dewhirst Company. But unfortunately, this partnership expired due to demise of Tom Spencer in 1905. The next two successive years witnessed the death of Michael Marks too. The business was then taken care of by the successive generations of the two partners.

It 1928, the St Michael label got registration. Designer apparels are one item that we associate Marks Spencer brand with. Food is another such item that has its recognition with Marks Spencer. It was in 1931, when the company also got involved in the selling of food items including canned stuff. To give a boost to the food department, the firm also launched café bars. These café bars were a great success. In 2000, 'count on us' food variety was introduced. Now these café bars also offer Indian and Chinese cuisines. As far as the fashion house is concerned, to come up with something unique and exotic, the corporation also set up a research lab to develop new fabrics and motifs. The firm's 'Autograph Designer Collection' is a creation exclusively meant for those women who wish to buy designer clothing at reasonable rates. Today, Marks Spencer as major fashion brand has gained popularity not just in India, but is driving people crazy overseas too.