Some unusual things done on Father's Day, makes it even more exciting. Check out some of the interesting activities of Father's Day.

Father's Day Activities

Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in the month of June in most parts of the world, though some nations observe it on different dates. A day meant to celebrate with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, the main purpose of celebrating Father's Day is to acknowledge fatherhood. A father shoulders several tensions and responsibilities that make his life dull and monotonous. Therefore, this occasion gives all kids a chance to observe it in a unique way, different from the routine days. Try to indulge in some unusual things, so that the festivity becomes even more exciting and memorable. If you are pondering on the idea of spending the day differently with your dad, than follow the different activities of Father's Day, listed below.

The best thing you can do is give your dad a day of privacy to spend it the way he likes and wants. You can present him with tickets of his favorite movie to go along with his friends and have the fun. Organizing a family picnic will prove to be great surprise for your dad. A chance of spending a day that is full of fun and excitement comes very rarely. So, make the most of this opportunity! A surprise party can be planned which would be the best way to astonish your father, on an occasion like Father's Day. If you are an expert in playing instruments like guitar, piano and violin, you can play and dedicate some soulful music to your lovely papa. Another great way of spending the day is to engage yourself in games and sports like beach volleyball or basketball, along with your family, or your close friends.

You can gift your dad, with cruise tickets for a couple and send him for a weekend getaway, along with your mom. It will definitely turn out to be a rejuvenating experience from the monotony of life. Get up early in the morning, take a bath and, along with your father, visit the nearby church or temple. Pray for the good health and long life of your father. Arrange a special dinner for your dad by cooking and treating him with all his favorite dishes. To add more fun and merriment to the celebration, call upon all your relatives and have a family reunion. For more activities to organize and indulge in during Father's Day, scroll through this section and have a blast on this occasion!

Father's Day Activities for Kids
Father's Day is dedicated to the all great fathers and celebration of fatherhood. Who else can better understand what a dad is other than the kids themselves. The reason is that during childhood days, kids are generally attached to their dad. Apart from that, there are countless reasons why they are treated specially on such a wonderful occasion like Father's Day. The spirit of celebrating is found to be most prevalent in kids.