Add fragrance to your Father's Day Celebrations by gifting flowers to your father. We have suggested some flowers and flowering arrangements that are appropriate for the occasion.

Father's Day Flowers

Father's Day is all about showing your love and concern for your dear dad. And what better way to shower love than present a bunch of your Father's favorite flowers to him on the special occasion. Like all other celebrations, flowers are an important part of Father's Day celebrations too. Traditionally it is the queen of all flowers, the rose, which is used as part of Father's Day celebrations. Children in America whose fathers are living wear the red rose on their garments, while the children whose fathers have passed away wear white rose.

However, it is not only the rose, but also a variety of other flowers that are used in Father's Day celebrations today. Some people are of the opinion that flowers are meant for only the feminine gender and men should not be gifted flowers. But most of us tend to forget that even men have a soft corner to themselves which when touched upon, they feel happy and loved. Flowers as gifts symbolize love, joy and happiness, all of which should be an integral part of every Father's Day celebration.

According to records in history, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, the first person who celebrated Father's Day in honor of her father William Smart, said that rose should be identified as the official flower of Father's Day. But over the years, people have been gifting the lily or even an assortment of flowers put together in a bouquet to their fathers to wish them a Happy Father's Day. In fact preparing bouquets with the loveliest flowers put together has become a popular business interest for florists all over the world.

Red and white are most popular colors purchased and gifted to fathers on the special occasion of Father's Day. Lilac and white are the preferred colors when it comes to lilies. Archives in history list lily as a very important part of Father's Day celebrations because J H Berringer, another person associated with the celebrations in the state of Washington as early as 1912, had named the lilac lily as his chosen Father's Day flower.

Gifts are perhaps the most important part of Father's Day celebrations. While gift shops around town have made it easier for us to decide on the object to be gifted to fathers, some people often run out on the time to purchase a gift. Flowers are the best option in such a situation; they add color and happiness to any place where they are placed. While choosing flowers for your father, always take note of his choice in terms of color and variety. If you are presenting your father with a flower bouquet, make sure to include his preferred flowers and colors of that variety, placing them at the top of all the others in the bunch.