Here are ideas about Easter customs and traditions followed in USA. Read about Easter celebration in America.

Easter Traditions in USA

Festivity knows no boundaries and this especially stands true in case of Easter. Celebrated all across the globe with much pomp and vigor, Easter is one time when people bury their differences and come together in hordes to rejoice this day. Every nation has its own way of celebrating a particular festivity. Every country has some unique traditions and customs. For example, it is the tradition of America to conduct special Easter parades, where men and women flaunt their special costumes and colorful bonnets. Being a major celebration in the Christian calendar, Easter is celebrated with much fanfare. The Easter traditions in America mark the arrival of spring and the period to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. During Easter traditions, one gets to witness parades, carnivals, Easter egg decorations, music and much more. Every year on Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras carnival is hosted in many regions of the USA. New Orleans is a major venue for the Mardi Gras carnival. Decorated floats are prepared by different groups of people in the carnival. The Easter bunny forms a major part of the Easter traditions in America. So, if you happen to be in the USA during Easter, make yourself a part of the traditions and enjoy the most fun-filled festival.

Here are some ideas about Easter customs and traditions in US: -
  • In the New Orleans, it is a trend of conducting an annual Easter carnival called 'Mardi Gras', which features lot of fun activities like parade, jazz music bands and a bumper party.
  • A must play Easter game for American kids is Easter egg roll.
  • A special dish for Easter springtime in USA is baked ham, potatoes and vegetables. Another most demanding recipe is hot cross buns.
  • It was in the early 1700's, when for the first time, eggs were dyed and the credit for starting this practice in America can be attributed to Pennsylvania Dutch (German) settlers.
  • As a part of Easter traditions in the US, sunrise services are held and the prime motive is to include various Christian religious groups in this event.
  • Painting the Easter eggs and then conducting Easter egg hunt games for the kids is what most American parents do on the Easter week.
  • Like in every other part of the globe, Easter symbols like bunnies, Easter tree, Easter Eggs and Easter lamb make their presence felt in every corner of the street, churches, shops and homes.
  • The popular Easter symbols like Easter bunny and egg tree were first brought in by the German settlers who arrived in the Pennsylvania Dutch country during the 1700s. Eventually, American people accepted these crafts and made these symbols a vital part of their Easter celebrations.
  • The book 'Egg Tree' by Katherine Milhous was credited with popularizing the custom of egg tree decoration in USA.
  • Like most other countries, pre-Lent carnivals also form an integral part of Easter celebration in the USA.
  • Easter celebrations cannot be complete without extensive feasting. During Easter time, people in US binge on Easter delights like baked ham, potatoes, vegetables and other homemade delights.
  • Easter parties are also a common sight during this holiday time where people come, feast and make merry.
  • Easter wedding is a popular trend in USA. People in USA usually like to their tie nuptial knot on this propitious day.