Here are ideas as to how is Easter celebrated. Read about celebrating Easter festival.

Easter Celebration

Easter, the celebration of life and resurrection of Christ, is observed with great zeal all around the world. While adults celebrate the event by preparing yummy delicacies and decking up their pretty homes, the children mostly prefer to dig into cakes, colorful candies, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, marshmallow chicks, and jellybeans. This annual springtime festival, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after first full moon, post the Spring Equinox, brings a ray of hope and signifies new life. Churches decorated with fresh flowers conducts special services to commemorate the grand event. In many places, there are various competitions held such as face painting, egg hunting/rolling, singing, etc. Gift giving that forms an important part of Easter celebration is still practiced with fervor all across the globe. Easter gift baskets that are one of the most popular selling gift products are usually stuffed with toys, books, accessories, chocolates and candies. Gone are the days when only Christians used to celebrate Easter event. Nowadays, people from other religions too celebrate the occasion with equal zeal. Easter, also known as Resurrection Day, is observed to celebrate the rebirth of Lord Jesus. To know more about the festivals and how exactly Easter is celebrated, read further.

Here are some ideas regarding Easter celebration: -
  • To commemorate the special event of Easter, candles are lit in churches and homes, to mark the Resurrection of the Christ, three days after his crucifixion. Since lighted candles are symbolic of life and the “eternal light”, people celebrate this day by lighting a special kind of candle known as the Paschal candle or Christ candle.
  • In the morning time, men and women dressed up in their special Easter outfits go to the church and offer prayers.
  • Since Easter falls right after the Spring Equinox, the decor is usually a fusion of Easter symbols and spring greens and blooms. The interiors and fences are embellished with Easter trees, colorful egg baskets, paper steamers and beautiful lilies to add a dash of spring elegance to the celebration.
  • Easter bunnies make a place for themselves in splendid Easter baskets, bunny garlands, Easter trees and displays.
  • Special Easter delicacies are prepared to mark this special day. Easter lamb occupies a commanding position on the dining table and so does other traditional delicacies like ham, eggs, chicken, chocolate, potatoes and more.
  • At certain places, carnivals take place, where parade forms the major spectacle. In these parades, people wearing special costumes can be spotted. Mardi Gras parade held in North America is quite famous.
  • As a part of the Easter customs, Easter egg painting competitions are held. Beautifully ornamented Easter eggs are stocked in the gift galleries. In addition, Easter eggs sail smoothly in the yummy Easter menu. Easter egg hunt is one of favorite kids' fun time activities.
  • There is a trend of having bonfire arrangement on the Easter eve in Europe.
  • As a part of special Easter Sunday feast, people eat hot cross buns and kids enjoy their jellybeans.

Easter Cards
Sending colorful and bright cards to your loved ones during Easter is the best way to convey your innermost feelings and send out warm greetings. The trend of giving Easter cards is nothing new and is an old practice.

Easter Flowers
What better way to lighten up the mood of your special ones and spread the festive cheer than gifting a wonderful Easter flower basket loaded with colorful spring blooms. Flower baskets loaded with fragrant flowers in myriad hues not

Easter Games
Any event appears to be drab and dull without racy games and fun-filled competitions. Easter, the auspicious festival of Christians, is not only renowned for its traditional family feasts and Easter gifts, but is also synonymous to

Easters Humor
Sharing jokes is one of the best ways to buoy up the ambiance and bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. Easter celebration is the time to make merry and have fun and is the perfect time to spread the festive cheer.

Easter Movies
Easter is the time to indulge in all the fun activities, whether it is games, parties, family outing or dining with relatives or friends. Watching movies with your close ones or all alone is also another great alternative to entertain yourself

Easter Quotes
Easter Day, celebrated widely to signify the resurrection of Lord Jesus, is not just limited to prayers and fun activities. It is the day when people gather at churches to offer their prayers to God and pass on the significance of the event to