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Easter Symbols

Gear up yourself for fun and entertainment as it's Easter! Next only to Christmas in importance, Easter is celebrated with vigor and passion by Christians all over the world. It brings with it family gatherings, church services and delicious food to perk up everyone's moods. However, before you delve into how joyous an occasion Easter is, you must understand what it stands for. Easter is a day celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday -also known as 'Good Friday'-and was resurrected on the following Sunday-called Easter. Hence, this festival is deep-rooted in the Christian faith and is of utmost religious importance. Easter, just like every other festival, has various symbols attached to it that speaks a lot about the nature and importance of this spring festival. Ranging from the most common Easter bunny to the butterfly, read on for all the symbols that signify Easter!

The Cross
When Jesus was crucified, it was not just one person being left for the dead-it was an entire culture at stake. Hence, when he emerged from the dead to join His Father in the heaven, the cross became more than just a sign of torture. It became the symbol of Jesus's victory over death.

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny, also called the Spring Bunny, is considered to be a symbol of new life and abundance. Easter rabbit has its origins in the pre-Christian era where rabbits had a special place for being the most fertile animals hence, harbingers of new life.

Easter flowers like lilies, daffodils, narcissus and tulips are all spring flowers and symbolize purity. Lilies hold a special place as they are considered the most sacred of all spring flowers.

The Lamb
One of the chief beliefs of Christianity is that Jesus Christ was the son of God Himself and was sent to earth to purge humankind of all sins and sorrows. The expression "The Lamb of God" was often used in reference to Christ and hence, lambs are also important Easter symbols.

Easter Eggs
Eggs have always been important Easter symbols for many reasons. They have been symbols of spring for a long time owing to the fact that they symbolize new life and re-birth. Also, eggs are said to be the symbols of the rock tomb from which Jesus was resurrected. In olden days, Christians were forbidden from eating eggs during Lent and Easter hence, was considered a day of egg delicacies.

Easter Bells
Easter bells, in some countries, are hung on doors and are rung everyday of Lent except the Thursday before Good Friday to commemorate Jesus's death at the cross. On Easter, the bells are again rung to celebrate Jesus's resurrection and return to His Father.

The Butterfly
Butterflies are considered excellent symbols of Easter as their life cycle, according to Christian beliefs, mirrors the life of Jesus. The caterpillar stage of a butterfly signifies Jesus's birth on earth while the cocoon stage signifies his crucifixion and his temporary absence from the live world. The transformation of a butterfly and its flight towards the sky indicates Jesus's resurrection and his rise towards the heavens and the Holy Father.

These are the main symbols of Easter. There are many others like candles, pretzels, etc., which represent Easter across the world. However, the aforementioned symbols are observed throughout the world.

Easter Bunny
Yay, Easter is here, time for the bunny! But wait a minute, there is no information on the long-eared and cotton-tailed Easter bunny in the Bible! And no mention, whatsoever, of the colorful eggs and games too! And as it is,

Easter Candles
What are the things that come to your mind when you think of a church? A cross, a huge and peaceful inner hall, long lines of beautiful pews and of course, candles. One would think that Christianity and candles go hand-in-hand,

Easter Cross
The relevance of the cross in Christianity is humungous. Just the sight of this auspicious symbol is good enough to invoke divine feelings in our minds and remind us about the sacrifice of Christ. Different religions use different

Easter Eggs
Easter eggs that indicate fertility and new life are used widely during the time of Easter as ornamentation, gifts and even form an integral part of all feasts. Most people gift egg baskets on Easter that are loaded with beautifully painted

Hot Cross Buns
The Easter festival not only brings along with it all the extreme festivities, but also yummy treats like the hot cross buns. When it comes to home food, a small dish prepared is also a delicacy. Hot cross buns are extremely delicious

Easter Lily
Easter is the most important Christian festival, next only to Christmas, as it is celebrated to commemorate Jesus's resurrection from the dead and his reunion with the Holy Father. For Christians all over the world, Easter Sunday